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2 skill points

Martial Weapon proficiency

Blade Boot

Skills available:

Escape Artist
Sense Motive
Sleight of Hand


You can start training feats as soon as you finish initiation. The skill point cost of each feat is listed between parenthesis.

Silvertongue (2) Prerequisite: Cha 12. You add a +2 competence bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise and Intimidate.

Charmer (4) Prerequisite: Diplomacy 6 ranks, Silvertongue. For the purpose of seducing a target, you may roll two d20 and pick the better one for your Diplomacy roll. You can only perform this once per target in any particular day.

Honeyed Words (6) Prerequisite: Bluff 6 ranks, Silvertongue. For the purpose of convincing a target to perform something, you may roll two d20 and pick the highest for your Bluff roll. You can only perform this once per target in any particular day.

Hard to Fool (6) Prerequisite: Sense Motive 6 ranks. For the purpose of suspecting being lied to, you may roll two d20 and pick the highest for your Sense Motive roll. You can only perform this once per target in any particular day.

Quick Disguise (4) Prerequisite: Disguise 6 ranks. You can use items at hand and seemingly innocuous material hidden on your person to create startlingly effective disguises, reducing the amount of time it takes to create a disguise using the Disguise skill. The time needed for you to alter your appearance in this manner is based on the complexity of the disguise, from 30s to 4min (but never more than that).

Babble-Peddler (2) Prerequisite: Bluff 4 ranks. You can make a bargain by tricking someone into accepting giving you something in return of something worthless. Make a Bluff check to praise the value and worth of an object in your hand while denigrating an object held by your target or a nearby creature, opposed by the target’s Appraise or Sense Motive roll. If you succeed, it believes your false assessment for 1 min; for every 5 by which your check exceeds your opponent’s check, the deception lasts 1 more minute. If the target wins, it immediately realizes the true value of the object you offered it and refuses. If you fail the check by 5 or more, the target is insulted and his attitude toward you worsens by one category. As with disbelieving illusions, a target’s ally can point out the true value of the object, giving the target another check with a +2 bonus.

Helpless Prisoner (3) Prerequisite: Bluff 5 ranks, Escape Artist 1 rank. When you are restrained or imprisoned, you can make a Bluff check to convince a target of your harmlessness and how inconvenienced you are. If your target fails his Sense Motive check, he does something to improves your current condition (or at least shut you up), which gives you a +5 bonus on Escape Artist checks to escape.

Urban Tracking (4) Prerequisite: Diplomacy 4 ranks, Perception 4 ranks. You can track individuals or groups of them in a community using Diplomacy, quickly finding their trail and possibly without raising suspicions.

Master Manipulator (5) Prerequisites: Cha 13, Diplomacy 9 ranks. You learn to skillfully manipulate conversations. You must share a language with your target, and you cannot use these benefits during combat.

Captivating Speech: you can distract creatures by engaging them in conversation, with a Diplomacy checks vs the targets’ Diplomacy check or Will save. If successful, the targets get a -4 penalty to Perception and Sense Motive for as long as you continue talking. You can affect up to 1+Cha mod worth of targets.

Trap of Words: if someone attempts to bluff you and fails, you maneouver the conversation to trick him to reveal something. If you engage in conversation for another minute, make a Diplomacy check vs the target’s Bluff, if successful the targets inadvertently reveals details about his lie and/or the reason behind it.

Measure the Mark (3) Prerequisite: Sleight of Hand 4, Bluff 4. When you make a Sleight of Hand check to take something from a target, after the target has rolled its Perception check, you can elect not to go through with the attempt if you’re unhappy with the result. If you do so, you must succeed on a Bluff check to prevent the target from noticing the attempt.

Stealth Striking

Go Unnoticed (4) Prerequisite: Dex 13, Size small or smaller. During the first round of combat, you can hide with a Stealth check and opponents who haven’t acted yet are considered to not have observed you hiding.

Shadow Striker (4) Prerequisite: Perception 5 ranks. You can deal precision-based damage to targets with concealment (but not total concealment).

Flick of the Wrist (6) Prerequisite: Dex 17, Sleight of Hand 5 ranks, Quick Draw. If you draw a light weapon and attack with it the same round, you catch your opponent flat-footed against that attack only. You can only perform it once per round and then only once per opponent in a given encounter.

Diversionary Strike (4) Prerequisite: Bluff 5 ranks, Stealth 5 ranks, Melee Combat 4 ranks. After you successfully hit an opponent, if you move away and attempt a Stealth check, your check gets a +5 bonus from the diversionary nature of the attack.

Evade Notice (4) Prerequisite: Bluff 7 ranks, Stealth 7 ranks, Melee Combat 6 ranks. If an ally and you both threaten an opponent, you can slip under your opponent’s notice. If you make no hostile actions in one given round, you can make a Stealth check against your opponent. If you succeed, your foe does not attack you on the next round if there is another opponent threatening him.

ERRATABlind Spot Strike (6) Prerequisite: Int 13, Stealth 12 ranks, Melee Combat 9 ranks. To use this maneouver, both you and an ally must be threatening a foe. As a standard action, you make a Stealth check against your opponent. If you succeed, on the next round that opponent loses his Dex bonus to AC against your next attack, which is made with a +2 bonus to attack roll.

Predator Strike (6) Prerequisite: Stealth 9 ranks, Melee Combat 6 ranks. When you successfully attack an opponent during the surprise round of an encounter, you may make a second attack as an immediate action against the same opponent, and lose 10 points on your initiative count. That opponent is not considered flat-footed anymore against the second attack. You must not be encumbered in order to perform this attack.

Dream magic

Some specialists among the fennids make good use of dreamwalking to infiltrate their target's minds and learn their secrets. To learn how to dreamwalk, you must learn Lucid Dreaming with the mystics.

A few techniques have been developed for the purposes os espionage and interrogation.

Modify Memory (4) Prerequisite: Int 11, Field Psychoanalyst, Plant Suggestion, Bluff 9 ranks, Lucid Dreaming 9 ranks You must subdue or restrain a dreamer’s dreamself before you can attempt this ability. The target must succeed on a Will save against DC 10 + ½ your ranks in Lucid Dreaming + Cha or Wis mod. If he fails, you can modify up to 5min of memories: eliminate recollection of a specific event, change the details of an event, or implant a memory of an event he never actually experienced. Illogical modified memories are dismissed as bad dreams or wine-addled recollections. If he succeeds the save, the target understands what you were trying to do, but might not realize you’re more than part of his dream (if you haven’trevealed yourself, that is). You can only attempt this ability once per 8h period of sleep, whether you succeed or fail.

Nightmare Interrogator (3) Prerequisites: Intimidate 4 ranks, Sense Motive 4 ranks, Lucid Dreaming 5 ranks You can use your expertise in manipulating dreamscapes to put another dreamer under extreme duress. A successful Lucid Dreaming check DC 18 allows you to manifest the right kind of ‘persuasion’ for each particular dreamer. You get a +4 bonus on Intimidate checks against the target, and your answers appear within the dream itself, as his thoughts burst out from his subconscious.

Deepest Nightmare (4) Prerequisite: Intimidate 6 ranks, Sense Motive 4 ranks, Lucid Dreaming 6 ranks You learned to call forth a dreamer’s deepest fears from his subconscious. With a Lucid Dreaming DC 25, you can summon your target’s greatest fear to manifest in his dreamscape. This is not without its risk, because the nightmare can prove to be quite dangerous to you. But if turned in your favour, it grants you a +8 bonus on Intimidate checks against the dreamer, who panics immediately and tries to escape. If you fail on the check you cannot draw out that particular dreamer’s fear while his current dreamscape lasts.

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