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Skills available for training:

NEWLucid Dreaming

Substances you can prepare with Herbalism:

You can prepare as much as 40gp x your total modifier on Profession(herbalist) worth of substances per period of downtime.

If you are in the field, you can locate a given herb, plant or fungus with a successful Profession(herbalist) check DC = 15 + (10 per every 10gp in the item's price). This takes generally 1h in a wooded area, but may take longer depending on the natural environment.

See Pathfinder's equipment list for details on each item’s price.



Bloodblock : stops bleedings


Healy Myrr

Herb/plant, Allnight : removes the effects of fatigue

Herb/plant, Bachelor Snuff

Herb/plant, Clear ear

Herb/plant, Flayleaf : smoking it renders you immune to pain for a short period

Herb/plant, Night tea

Herb/plant, Pesh : addictive stimulant (use Adventurer's Armory version)

Herb/plant, Barbarian chew

Herb/plant, tobacco

Herb/plant, Woundweal

Incense, Healing

Incense, Restful

Musk, Kaava : marks creatures with a strong smell

Soothe syrup

Terrap sap, distilled

Troll Styptic : powerful healing and antibleeding brew


Each feat's skill point cost is listed between parenthesis.

Poisonmaking (4) Prerequisite: Int 13, Dex 13, Profession(herbalist) 6 ranks. You are trained in extracting venom from animals and plants, and concoct usable poisons.

To obtain your fresh extract, you must succeed on a Profession(herbalist) check. The DC of the check to safely extract the venom gland of a creature or to find a poisonous plant or fungous is equal to 5 + the DC of the poison in question. If you fail, you ruin the raw material. If you fail by 5 or more, you poison yourself.

You can prepare a total of 40gp x your total modifier on Profession(herbalist) worth of poison. Check prices and information here (scroll down for the descriptions which have more poisons).

Also, your carefulness when handling poisons allows you to manipulate them without incurring the 5% risk of poisoning yourself.

Brew Magic Potions & Oils (4) Prerequisite: Int 13, Craft(alchemy) 2 ranks, Profession(herbalist) 2 ranks, Knowledge(arcana) 4 ranks, Spellcraft 1 rank. You can brew magical liquids that can bestow their effects either when drunk (potion) or applied over an object/creature (oil). Essentially they are spells in liquid form. Only personal spells and spells that have definite targets can be made into potions/oils, and no spell that requires a ranged touch attack or Ref save can be made into a potion. The effects of beneficial potions and oils can be obtained by drinking or smeaing them onto a surface, respectively. Offensive spells turned into potions can essentially be turned into a kind of poison (the target is affected if he drinks it), of if made into oils can be used as splash weapons (although the target is only affected upon a direct hit).

You can brew any potion of a level equivalent to half your ranks in Spellcraft (min 1) as long as you possess the respective spell formula.

For the purposes of crafting potions and oils (with either alchemy or herbalism), the price in gp is equivalent to 25 x level of the spell x caster level of the potion. (ex. In this case, a 1st level potion at caster level 1 costs 25gp, a 2nd level potion at caster level 3 costs 300gp).


For those trained both in Knowledge(arcana) and Spellcraft.

Any single spell can be transcribed into a character’s spellbook during downtime. Depending on the level of the spell, you may be able to transcribe more or less.

Not every spell is made immediately available to you: many offensive spells are withheld by the Company until they know they can trust you with such magic. Also, some spells are only know to specific individuals within the Company, and need to be asked for directly.

0-level spells

You can add any 4 of them for free every downtime.

  • DC of Arcana and Spellcraft checks to cast = 13
  • number of checks required: 1 Knowledge(arcana), 1 Spellcraft (both as a single full-round action)

Message Carry conversations via whisper with targets at medium range. Material component: a piece of copper wire.

Launch item/projectile Telekinetically fire an item (including thrown or projectile weapons) as a ranged attack, suffering from no range penalties (but with an 80ft max distance).

Detect Magic Detects magic within range and analyse its type.

Daze Target is dazed and cannot act next round. Material component: a pinch of wool. Touch of Fatigue Target becomes fatigued for a short time.

Necrosurgery Gives a sick target a +2 bonus on next saving throw against the disease, but deals 2 points of damage.

Electric Jolt Short range electric attack for 1d3 electricity damage.

Sonic Snap Short range deafening attack for 1 damage and 1 round deafened.

Ray of Frost Short range freezing attack for 1d3 cold damage.

Acid Splash Short range acid attack for 1d3 damage.

Flare Target becomes dazzled for 1min. No somatic component.

1-level spells

You can add any 2 of them for free every downtime.

  • DC of Arcana and Spellcraft checks to cast = 14
  • checks required: 1 Knowledge(arcana), 1 Spellcraft

Alarm Wards a 20ft radius area for 2h/caster level. Focus component: a tiny bell and a piece of fine silver wire).

Hold Portal Holds door shut, +5 DC to force it open, 1min/caster level, medium range. No somatic component.

Protection from evil Wards 1 subject against evil: +2 deflection AC; grants new save against charms & compulsions and they are suppressed for the duration of the spell; immune to possession attempts; duration 1min/caster level. Material component: silver powder.

Obscuring Mist Mist spreads from you to a 20ft radius area, obscuring all sight beyond 5ft, within 5ft targets gets concealment (20% miss chance); dispersed by moderate wind, can be burned away by fire, duration 1min/caster level.

Detect Undead Detects undead within 60ft as you scan an area, can try to indentify there was an undead presence in an area, or figure out how strong an undead is. Material component: earth from a grave.

Identify Works as detect magic with a +10 bonus on Spellcraft checks to identify properties and how to manipulate magic items. Material Component: wine stirred with an owl’s feather.

Charm Person One humanoid becomes friendly for 1h/caster level, close range. If it feels threatened, it gets a +5 bonus on save.

Sleep Living creatures, within 30ft of each other, fall asleep; up to 4HD+2HD/caster level can be affected; duration 1min/caster level, medium range. Material component: fine sand, rose petals or a live cricket.

Flare Burst 10ft radius burst in close range, all creatures failing a Fort save are dazzled for 1min. No somatic component.

Hydraulic Push Blast of water bull rushes one target: maneouver bonus is equal to caster level + Int/Cha mod; can also extinguish fires. Material component: a pint of water.

Ventriloquism Throws voice at close range for 1min/caster level. No somatic component, focus component: parchment rolled into a cone.

Vanish Touched creature becomes invisible for 1round/caster level; dispelled if target attacks someone.

Animate Rope Up to 50ft of rope animates for 1 round/caster level, at medium range, and can coil, loop and tie itself; if near or thrown at an opponent, it can trap him; each command takes a move action.

Break An object within range becomes broken, if it is attended or magical, it gets a Fortitude save. If it was already broken, then it is destroyed. This spell can be used to break an enemy’s armor and weapons apart. Material component: a twig (which must be broken).

Lesser Heat Metal Metal object within close range becomes red hot, any creature holding it can take a Ref save to drop it or take 1d4 fire damage/caster level.

Dancing Lantern Lantern floats and follows you, illuminates itself magically, for 1h/caster level.

Erase Removes writing from substrate, magical or mundane, by touch. Even Spellglyphs are affected, but you must succeed on a caster level check.

Expeditious Retreat Your base land speed increases by 30ft for 1min/caster level.

Feather Fall One medium or smaller freefalling object or creature per caster level within 20ft of each other fall slowly (60ft/round) for 1 round/caster level, and take no damage upon landing. Immediate action(only Spellcraft check required), no somatic component.

Deep Breath Your lungs fill with, air constantly for 1round/caster level. Immediate action(only Spellcraft check required), no somatic component.

Wall of Smoke Wall 10ft/caster level long, conceals creatures on other side, those who pass through must succeed on Fort save or be nauseated 1 round; lasts for 1 round/caster level; moderate winds disperse it.

Ebon Eyes Creature touched becomes able to see in the dark up tp 60ft (even magical darkness), lasts 10min/caster level; material component: a powdered black gemstone of any kind.

Remove Scent Touched creature’s scent is negated for 10min/caster level; material component: candle wax.

Scatterspray Tiny loose items at close range burst out in all directions, dealing 1d8 damage on a failed Ref save to all within a 10ft radius.

Rouse All sleeping creatures in a 10ft radius area, at close range, become awake.

Snuff the Light Extinguish a single nonmagical light source at close range; swift action(only Spellcraft check required), no verbal component.

Omen of Peril You divine how the next hour will be dangerous to you: safe, dangerous or mortal danger. You have a chance of getting a correct answer equal to 70% +1% per caster level (max 90%). Casting time 1 round. Focus component: a set of marked stick, bones or tokens for divination.

Guiding light You light up a 5ft radius area at long range. Attacks against targets within this area get a +2 bonus to attack roll. Duration 1min/caster level.

Fireworks You ignite a magical flame in your hand, that lasts for 1 round/caster level. When the spell is cast and for as long as it lasts, you can release a firework each round as a move action. A firework flies to its target, up to long range, and explodes for 1d4 fire damage and causes the target to become dazzled for 1 round. A Ref save halves the damage and negates the dazzled condition. Material component: a bundle of sulfur wrapped in cloth.

Polypurpose Panacea You create a simple effect relating to your health, well-being or entertainment. Choose one:

• Analgesic: +2 bonus to Fort saves against pain-related effect for 1h.

• Clarity: gain a +1 bonus on a single attack, save or skill check, which you must use within one minute.

• Intoxication: you feel confortably intoxicated for 1h, as if you had a few drinks. You gain a +2 morale bonus on Diplomacy checks.

• Lucid dream: if you go to sleep within 1h of casting, you have a lucid dream that is under your control that lasts for 1h.

• Resistance: you gain a +1 bonus on saves for 1min.

• Sleep: you sleep well even under conditions that would disturb it, for the next 8h.

• Sobriety: you become completely sober for 1h, negating any penalties for drunkenness for the duration.

• Tenacity: you gain 3 temporary HP for 1min.

• Wakefulness: you remain awake for the next 2h without feeling sleepy or jittery. You gain a +5 bonus against sleep-inducing effects for the duration

Song Magic

You must have a minimum number of ranks in a Perform skill that produces music.

Unless noted, spellsongs require both verbal (singing) as well as somatic components, which involves playing an instrument, requiring the use of one or two hands.

Song magic follows the same rules as sorcerer casting, in that the more you use it in a short period of time, the more difficult it becomes to perform.


The aelfen of the Company have brought with them the traditions of spellsong, and teach them to initiates in the mystic arts. To those proven to be thrustworthy, they can eventually teach the deep secrets of the sublime art, and the earthshaking music used by the aelfen spellsingers.

Click here for details.

Each spellsong costs 4 skill points to learn, and you must possess a minimum number of ranks (not the total modifier!) in a Perform skill that produces music. You need to know 2 spellsongs of the previous level to learn a new one.

To activate and maintain spellsongs you must succeed on a Perform check which has to succeed over the indicated DC. The caster level of a spellsong is equal to your number of ranks in Perform.

0 level

  • Minimum ranks in Perform: 3
  • skill point cost: 2

Lullaby Creatures within a 10ft radius that fail a Will save become drowsy and inattentive, taking a -5 penalty on Perception checks and a -2 penalty on Will saves vs sleep-inducing effects. After you stop the song, affected creatures suffer the effects for 1 round per caster level. Standard action to activate and to maintain; each round creatures are exposed they need to save against the effect again.

Mending Makes minor repairs on an object. 10 minutes to activate

1st level

  • Minimum ranks in Perform: 4
  • skill point cost: 4

Focusing chant You gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls, skill and ability checks for as long as you chant. Swift action to activate and maintain. No somatic component.

Healthful rest One creature per caster level, all within 30ft, recovers more rapidly when resting. For the next 24h, creatures receive double the HP when resting (this can stack with the benefits of the Heal skill). Activation time 10min.

Loud Tone You amplify the sound played in an instrument, up to a volume level similar to a dragon roar. Duration 1 round. Standard action to activate, no verbal component required. Invigorate Adjacent creature takes no penalties from being fatigued or exhausted for 10min per caster level. However when the spell ends the target takes 1d6 nonlethal damage. Standard action to activate, no somatic component.

Sleep Living creatures, within 30ft of each other, fall asleep; up to 4HD+2HD/ranks in Perform can be affected; duration 1min/caster level, medium range. Standard action to activate, Material component: fine sand, rose petals or a live cricket.

Animate Rope Up to 50ft of rope animates for as long as you perform, at medium range, and can coil, loop and tie itself; if near or thrown at an opponent, it can trap him; each command takes a move action. Standard action to activate, swift action to maintain.

Dream Magic

Among the ealfen in the Company, Dreamtelling is common, but a few know how to traverse the corridors of dream and travel into other dreamer's dreamscapes. They can see many things, mend broken minds, dispel geasas and even confront possessing entities.

To begin to learn how to perform dream magic, you must first learn Lucid Dreaming (a skill available in this traning school, see at the top).

Skill: Lucid Dreaming (Wis or Cha)

Use this skill to realize you’re dreaming, consciously direct elements within a dreamscape, and move into other dreamscapes. Each use is a standard action.

Task DC
Realize you’re dreaming 5
Change one aspect of your dreamscape 15
Change one aspect of another’s dreamscape 20
*Another additional aspect.An aspect includes background features such as lighting, terrain, architecture of a given building, vegetation or other innocuous characteristics. +5
Directly affect objects relating to yourself or other dreamers. You can create mundane items, including weapons or armor, or make them disappear. You can also affect the terrain in ways potentially hazardous to other dreamers, such as opening a pit under their feet. If you want to affect another dreamer which is versed in Lucid dreaming, you must succeed on an Opposed Lucid Dreaming check against his. 25
Change your personal appearance. You can change into the likeness of any creature within 2 size categories of your size. Only your appearance changes, your abilities stay the same. 20
Metamorphose into another creature. You can change into another creature you have met, and use any ability you witnessed the creature use. 25
Create a supernatural effect. You can manifest any sort of spell-like effect which you have witnessed previously, which creates a physical effect, with a caster level equal to your Lucid Dreaming result minus 10. Illusions, Divinations and Enchantments cannot be created in this way. 12 + (level of spell x 2)
Depart one dreamscape for another. You can travel into any other dreamscape owned by another creature, but you must have something that connects you with it. If you have met the subject before or know him well, the task is easy. If you never met the subject, you must have some sort of object that connects you to him.
* You know the subject well or have met him/her 15
* Likeness or picture 24
* Possession or garment 22
* Body part such as hair or nail clippings 16
* Take a willing or grappled dreamself(ves) with you +10
Waking up 10

Time flows faster within dreams. For every 10min spent in a dream, only 1 min passes in the waking world. Experiences within dreams become but memories upon waking, so any injuries taken, or items/ability uses spent are only in a character’s mind. But those versed in dream magic can bend these rules to an extent.

A dreamer within his own dreamscape does not normally suffer any damage upon waking up if he was injured within a dream (or even if he died). But when travelling outside their personal dreamscape, a dreamwalker takes a risk: any damage suffered translates into nonlethal damage upon waking up. Furthermore, if you had reached Staggered HP within the dream, you wake up fatigued; if you were reduced to negative HP, you wake up exhausted. If your dreamself is killed while outside your dreamscape, you wake up immediatelly, screaming, and take 1d6 Wis drain.

Skilled dreamwalkers can invade other dreamers’ dreamscapes and physically injure them or even manipulate their minds. The darkest dream magics allow one to kill a dreamer from within a dream, or even to possess them.

Dreamtelling (2) Prerequisites: Wis or Cha 11, Knowledge(arcana) 2 ranks, Lucid Dreaming 4 ranks You learn how to glean prophetic insight from dreams, by making a knowledge(arcana) check. You can gain ranks in Dreamtelling as a specialization of Knowledge(arcana).

Oneiromancy (4) Prerequisites: Wis or Cha 11, Knowledge(arcana) 2 ranks, Lucid Dreaming 5 ranks You learn to consciously direct your dreams towards gaining insight on a particular subject. Whether through half-remembered memories or inspiration from beyond mortal dreams, sometimes you get a glimpse of something related to your question. You have a probability of 60% + your Lucid Dreaming check result of finding something related to what you seek. What you find is often cryptic and not obvious in relation to your question, and you need to use Knowledge(arcana) (or Dreamtelling) to try to decipher it. You can try this only once per 8h period of sleep.

Field Psychoanalyst (3) Prerequisites: Sense Motive 5 ranks, Lucid Dreaming 5 ranks When inside a dreamer’s dreamscape, you can probe the dream to find more about the subject, granting you a +4 bonus on all future social skill checks against him. You can also try to mend psychological damage he has suffered. You must succeed on a Sense Motive DC 18 to understand the nature of the damage. A successful check heals 1d6 points of ability damage or drain, distributed among Int, Wis or Cha. You can try one of these checks for each 8h-period spent sleeping.

Sense Charm (3) Prerequisites: Field Psychoanalyst, Sense Motive 6 ranks, Lucid Dreaming 6 ranks When meeting a dreamer’s dreamself, you can try to discern if he is under the effect of a supernatural compulsion, an enchantment spell, or possession by another entity. You must make an opposed Lucid Dreaming check against the caster level of the effect. If you fail, you notice nothing and cannot attempt again during this particular dream. If you succeed, you determine what kind of effect it has on the dreamer and for how long it lasts. The spell serves as a connection to the caster, so it can be used to try to enter the caster’s dreams.

Break Mind Control (4) Prerequisites: Field Psychoanalyst, Sense Charm, Sense Motive 8 ranks, Lucid Dreaming 8 ranks If you manage to detect a dreamer under the influence of a supernatural compulsion or enchantment spell, you can try to dispel it by succeeding on a Lucid Dreaming check against the effect’s caster level. If you succeed the effect is broken, but if you fail by 5 or more, the effect instead latches on to you, leaving the original target. The DM rolls this in secret, so you might not know you have been affected. You can also try to challenge a possessing entity, by performing the same Lucid Dreaming check against the entity’s level check (1d20 + HD + Cha mod). Success means you force the entity to manifest in the dream, allowing you to confront it. Failure by more than 5 allows the entity access to you, and it can possess you freely if it so wishes.

Eidetic Lock (2) Prerequisite: Int 11, Lucid Dreaming 4 ranks You plant a memory inside a dreamer’s mind, such as an image, an idea or a passage of text (up to 500 words). The target is aware of the memory, and can recall it perfectly, and transmit it to others. You must succeed on a Lucid Dreaming check DC18. Failure by 5 or more wakes the dreamer and ejects you from the dreamscape, and you wake up fatigued.

Plant Suggestion (4) Prerequisite: Int 11, Field Psychoanalyst, Bluff 6 ranks, Lucid Dreaming 7 ranks Through subtle manipulation of the target’s dreamscape, you can implant a triggered suggestion, attraction or aversion. The implant only lasts until the target’s next night of sleep, so it must be triggered the next day. Once it is triggered, it stays in effect for 1h per number of ranks you have in Lucid Dreaming. You can implant a mental suggestion, an aversion to someone or something, or an attraction of the same. When it triggers, the target is allowed a Will save DC 10 + ½ your ranks in Lucid Dreaming + Cha or Wis mod. It might be allowed a bonus or a penalty on his save depending on how plausible it is. Actions that clearly endanger the target allow it another Will save to break the suggestion.

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