Empire of Stars

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The Empire of Stars occupies a vast area of the steppes many days travel through the Wildlands. It is a land that is largely empty, and there are few settlements.

The Minotaurs that inhabit this region are ferocious warriors and skilled combatants, far from the savages that mythology has portrayed them as. They are extremely civilised, maybe moreso than humans, and possess a great deal of insight and wisdom. Many monks journey to the Empire of Stars with a view to learning the various disciplines of ki from Minotaur masters. Generally, Minotaurs view humans as weak and pathetic and most of them believe that humans have no honour. Despite this, they have come to the Eastlands aid in the past, especially with wars against the Orcs, and some Minotaurs have visited Volkrania in the past.

They have their own border issues too: ogres and their ogre magi leaders frequently raid their southern lands. Most of the Minotaur armed forces are stationed in the southern Empire as a result.