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The Eastlands refer to a vast tract of land, contested by Volkrania and Goblinoids. Once part of Volkrania, it was over-run by Orcs and their kin during the Orcgate War. The terrain ranges from plains to mountains, but there are few water supplies to be found. Most Easterling tribes were nomadic and there were few settlements for the Orcs to despoil on the war, but the tribes guarded the water supplies heavily.

Dwarf-holds studded the mountains throughout the Eastlands. These bastions of old are now the home of various Orc-kin and Giants, and many Dwarves would dearly love to evict these unwelcome tenants from their ancestral halls.

The Norlanders travel the coasts of this area, crossing the ice bridge of the Dagger Straits. They do not stray far from the coast, but fight fiercely when they encounter Goblinoids.