David Nichols

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A mysterious individual with powerful psychic powers, Nichols is now believed to be responsible for causing the Edinburgh Riots to enter the Southside Arcology where he promptly disappeared, using the riots as a diversion. He resembles one the degenerate Rapine Storm but has retained his sanity and wits. He often uses a glamour to hide his true appearance, and changes it often.

Section 13 has special reason to hunt this dangerous parapsychic. He inserted a subversive personality into the mind of a Section 13 agent, then used this "Mole" to feed him intelligence from The Basement. The Mole was also used to shutdown the security systems, and force a confrontation between the Eldritch society and the Chrysalis Corporation over a Tager undergoing Metamorphosis.

However, his greatest achievment was orchestrating the Night of the Worm; the awakening of the Great Old One, Crom-Cruach. He also used the opportunity to suppress inteligence relating to the Dagonite invasion of Edinburgh and the Inchcolm Insurgence.

He is still at large, and is quite possibly one of the most dangerous individuals in Scotland.