Inchcolm Insurgence

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Theorised to be a direct coordinated attack on Edinburgh by Esoteric Order of Dagon forces as a result of NEG forces being weakened by the Night of the Worm, the Inchcolm Insurgence very nearly destroyed Edinburgh.

For months, Dagonite forces had been building up their mechanised forces in the deep water phenomenon know as the Devil's Hole. They had also begun weakening both morale and infrastructure in Leith with coordinated attacks. These attacks included abductions, cult subversion, and outright sabotage using a compound that weakened the Leith Arcology's foundations.

Using the Night of the Worm as their signal, massed Dagonite forces swept south, lead by several Spawn priests. The leader of the Dagonite horde coordinated his attack from the island of Inchcolm, and it was here that a brave few NEG forces struck him down and liberated the Granton Arcology, despite being too late to stop Leith's near total destruction.