Conflicts of Interest Story:

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(Players, feel free to update with more detail on how you see things)

While fleeing Tau after some minor diplomatic incidents, the crew of the Tranquility find themselves at a lost planet for thousands of years, there's a daemon, followed by a ship mutiny, a ritual and the whole solar system blows up, the ship escapes just in time in to the warp.

Back to the Imperium, and as a favour to the Imperial Guard, the crew offer to investigate the disappearance of an elite guard company, seconded by an Inquisitor.

They find the Inquisitor, and Dark Eldar, but not the guard. There are also echoes here of the planet they thought was blown up earlier and that daemon again.

Then to get on the Imperial Crusade, they must get retrieve a holy relic, the Chalice of Agrippa, but it's on a lava-covered planet. When they get there that is protected by the forces of Chaos and they need to fight Khornate Bloodletters, very messy. They get the artefact that has mind-altering powers and makes people think they are an ancient saint. There is also a copy of the main characters ship, and they fight each other, the cloned ship destroyed after Diogenes Valexos performs the now-infamous Valexos Manoeuvre.

The artefact is taken back to crusade fleet, at the same time as some Space Marines go nuts and entire fleet has an outbreak of mutinies: all a coincidence? Not yet revealed.

Big fight, mutiny suppressed, but flagship of fleet blows up in high orbit doing bad things to planets atmosphere. (Its a forge world and when looting the planet, the crew discover the Mechanicum knew it was going to happen) --Bill 19:56, 25 January 2012 (UTC)