Valexos Manoeuvre

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Only the most insane captain would order his ship's crew and Navigator to perform the Valexos Manoeuvre.

The Manoueuvre involves the ship opening a gate to the warp and then exiting a short distance away, essentially skimming across the surface of the warp. Dangerous in itself, it becomes far more so when the warp point is centred on an enemy craft, partially tearing it into the warp.

Diogenes Valexos used this manoeuvre to cripple a far more advanced foe: a future echo of his ship. The Tranquility warp point opened within the target's void shields, as the craft was wrench into another reality. The Tranquility exited the warp with pinpoint precision; the future echo was no match for the Tranquility's gun batteries as it shredded what was left of the other ships superstructure.