Auld Reekie Session 3

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While Buchanan checks the details of the will the investigators head to Martin George’s house at Clachnaharry. As they arrive Augustus notices an interesting article in today’s Inverness courier, “Werewolf Steals Truck

The group decide to position themselves throughout the house and to set up watches hoping that the strange figures that George spotted in the willows at the foot at the garden will return. Professor Douglas and Martin George start heavily drinking whiskey in the lounge. About 1am, Fotheringshaw spots movement in the willows while Augustus is engrossed in a romance novel, the movement quickly stops and a scraping sound can be heard as whoever was there climbs over the neighbours fence. Suddenly Fotheringshaw sees a figure at the conservatory window and fires his rifle at it, he clips the figure as it disappears into the hedge. Fotheringshaw and Augustus dash after. Meanwhile upstairs Stevenson and Dr Jacobs hear the commotion and rush down the stairs to back up the professor.

The professor and Augustus chase the creature round the neighbours’ garden but can’t seem to get a decent shot at it. Back in the house Victoria wakes up, gets dressed and heads out the front door, while in the conservatory, Stevenson and Dr Jacobs hear crashing from upstairs and decide to go up slowly to see what is happening.

It turns out that the creature at the window was a diversion and Issac Hart has climbed up the house wall and strangled Martin George. As the two investigators open the door to the room they find Hart tryin to string up George to make it look like he has hung himself, Stevenson fires his rifle missing completely as Dr Jacobs fires her shotgun at point blank into Hart’s back sending him sprawling across the bed. He begins to stir so Dr. Jacobs steps forwards and brings the butt of her shotgun down on his head snapping his neck and killing him instantly.

Augustus picks up the creatures trail and the three investigators follow the creature up a dirt track road and into some private forestry land. They can smell the stench of the ghoul and think that it has turned off the path into the woods to the side. They delve into the forest after the creature but are surprised as it drops out of a tree onto Augustus biting him in the process. Augustus panics and starts to freak out. Victoria and Fotheringshaw open fire killing the ghoul before it gets a chance to savage Augustus.

The investigators decide to involve the police who scour the woods for any sign of George’s kidnapped wife but turn up nothing. The investigators return to the hotel to get some well earned rest but it doesn’t happen as they all have the same unsettling dream only this time it is longer. In the morning they decide to head back to Edinburgh, There are several articles of note in the morning paper, One detailing bullough’s philanthropy and another mentioning a horrible kidnapping attempt at Edinburgh hospital. Victoria decides to study Hart’s notes and thinks she has learned how to conduct a cannibalistic ritual, vowing never to use it she puts the notes away as the train pulls into the station.

When they arrive back at the cryptozoology department there is a letter from Augustus’s tutor, Professor Lapworth telling him he should come see him immediately as he has discovered something most interesting in his research. They decide to retire for the night and start to drive to their respective homes dropping people off on the way. As they drive round potter row they see an ambulance rush past. Suddenly a black Rolls Royce Phantom pulls out in front of the ambulance forcing it to stop. Two large men in trenchcoats and hats jump out the back of the Rolls Royce, one grabbing the driver from the cabin while the other rips the back door open.

The investigators open fire in an attempt to stop the assailants and in battle Stevenson snipes two of the remaining occupants in the car making up for his horrendous miss on Hart. Fotheringshaw is shot quite seriously and Victoria is grazed in the return fire. Meanwhile the men in the coats have dragged a pregnant woman from the back of the ambulance and are doing something terrible to her on the ground. Victoria gets a bit ahead of the others and finds herself outnumbered by the ghouls and gets badly savaged. As the investigators close in the ghouls realise they are outmatched and disappear with what they came for, the infant from inside the young mother’s womb. The investigators can do nothing for the woman as the ghouls have literally torn the baby from her stomach leaving her bleeding to death on the street. Victoria manages to pick up one of the ghouls trails however and follows it to Greyfriars Kirkyard but thinks twice about following it in...