Kidnapping attempt at Edinburgh hospital

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The Scotsman

Wednesday April 17th 1924

Horrific Kidnapping attempt goes tragically wrong at Edinburgh Hospital

Warning: The following article contains information of a graphic nature from the police report that the police find pertinent to the case, therefore we have decided to publish it in its entirety in the interest of successfully concluding this investigation. If you have any information that you think could be useful to the police, please don’t hesitate to contact your local constabulary. This article should only be discretionally read by women, the elderly or the infirm.

A terrible series of events took place yesterday evening at Edinburgh Hospital. In the late hours of last night a masked man burst in to a delivery theatre while a delivery was taking place. The woman who wishes to remain anonymous had seconds before just given birth when the man appeared. The man was brandishing a curved blade and grabbed the duty nurse from behind and slit her throat before instructing the doctors present to back up against the far wall of the theatre. As the doctors complied the man proceeded to cut the wailing infants umbilical cord, bundle it into a sack and then flee the scene. An off duty police officer who was at the hospital concerning another matter and an orderly heard the commotion and pursued the assailant cornering him against a locked door after a short chase. The policeman drew his service revolver and commanded the suspect to relinquish the child. The assailant did no such thing preferring to throw the new born out of the adjacent open window and charging headlong into his pursuers. The officer in question fired three times hitting the man twice killing him instantly. The officer and the orderly are in shock, P.C. Stewart commented that the man had a crazed look in his eyes and Orderly Stevens remarked that he must surely have been deranged. The baby did not survive the fall to the car park below. The assailant was identified as Richard Maldoon, 25 of Dalgety Bay, at first glimpse a normal factory worker with no criminal record and a church going man.