Askelphion Secundus Incident

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After ascending to the command of the Orpheus, Tristan 'Crimson' Anastasia threw a lavish party for the nobles and important individuals of the sector. During this party Tristan slept with the wife of the Grand Admiral Grayborn who was in charge of the navy resources of the sector; the Admiral caught the two of them together and an argument started between the Admiral and his wife, this lead to the wife in front of the gathered nobility announcing that she had taken a female lover as her husband was not man enough to satisfy her. Publicly humiliated the Admiral took vengeance on Tristan forcing her and the Orpheus out of the sector. He also used his influence to poison a good deal of the neighbouring sectors against Tristan as well leading her to have to flee to the edges of imperial space, eventually ending up at the Abyss.