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Bill's game of WW2 battles against the Nazis and the threat of the Mythos.... Using the Achtung! Cthulhu setting for Call of Cthulhu.

Three Kings

Having successfully made contact with the Czechoslovak resistance, the Section D Operatives prepare to storm the castle.


Castle Karlstein

  1. First Gate
  2. The Old Gate
  3. The Well Tower
  4. The Second Gate
  5. Burgrave's Court
  6. Burgrave's House
  7. Main Court
  8. Imperial Palace
  9. St. Nicholas' Chapel
  10. St. Catherine's Chapel
  11. St. Mary’s Tower
  12. Wooden Bridge
  13. Great Tower
  14. Cemetery
  15. Outer Ward

Enemy Forces

Castle Karlstein houses a full company of Heer forces, approximately 130 men, plus a detachment of 10 SS troopers.

The company comprises three Züge, or platoons, each of which is commanded by a junior officer (usually a Leutnant or lieutenant), and is made up of 4 10-man infantry squads, or Gruppen. Each squad (Gruppe) is made up of a squad leader and deputy squad leader (often NCOs), a 3-man machine gun “Trup”, and a 5-man rifle “Trup”. A command and support staff of 10 men complete the company. Apparently the Black Sun contingent are headed up by Herr Doktor Graf Ernst von Kammerstein.

The SS detachment comprises 10 troopers plus one commanding officer — Obersturmführer Heinrich Schlachter.

At any one time, one platoon of 40 men is guarding the castle or down in the surrounding villages on guard and patrol duty, and two platoons (80 men) are off duty or asleep. This means there are as many as 100 Heer soldiers in the castle.

Heroes of the Sea


Commanding Officer’s Briefing

0915 Hours, 26 May 1940 /1940/BEF16.D

Section-7 Report:


Since the 10th of May the overwhelming attack by German armed forces has placed the B.E.F. (“British Expeditionary Force”) and our French and Belgian allies in a dangerously precarious situation. Faced with the possibility of total loss of B.E.F. forces, the Admiralty has today announced OPERATION DYNAMO, the complete evacuation of the B.E.F. and whatever Allied forces can be accommodated by sea to south-east England.

Furious fighting is raging in Northern France and Belgium, and the B.E.F. and Allied forces are retreating to the French port of DUNKIRK (“DUNKERQUE”). The aim is to evacuate more than 300,000 armed forces personnel before the entire region falls to the Germans, a result which we believe is now only a matter of time.

DUNKIRK itself has been heavily bombed. Evacuations are to be made by ship from the 17 1/2 mile stretch of beaches between DUNKIRK and the town of NIEUPORT. A bridgehead has been established, some 5 miles deep, between the two towns, for the regrouping of B.E.F. and Allied forces. A shrinking pocket exists to the south of the bridgehead, funnelling retreating B.E.F. and Allied forces. Beset on all sides by overwhelming German forces, British and Allied forces are suffering heavy losses in order to make time for our troops to withdraw.

The DUNKIRK area comprises low-lying coastal plains, comprising sand dunes giving way to agricultural lands criss-crossed by drainage canals. The terrain is not considered favourable to armour, and roads are raised above the surrounding plains and flanked by drainage ditches, making traffic using them easily visible.

Section VIII Report:

Belgian forces are crumbling and the surrender of King Leopold is expected imminently. Communications on the ground are difficult, and it is unclear if the French command under General BLANCHARD appreciate the full nature of OPERATION DYNAMO.

Due to the speed of the German advance, there are limited Resistance or intelligence assets on the ground. The presence of tens of thousands of B.E.F. troops with inadequate communication and a rapidly changing situation is expected to provide a chaotic environment.

Section D Analysis:

Section D agent Agatha MARCHAM (codename: WOTAN) has made a recent transmission from what is now German territory in the combat zone. She has reported the existence of a secret operation named FALL NADEL (“Operation Needle”) by a German S.S. SONDERGRUPPE (“Special Group of the S.S.”) under the aegis of Heinrich HIMMLER, designed to thwart OPERATION DYNAMO. WOTAN is tasked with gathering information relating to activities pursuant to OPERATION THREE KINGS in the area of Castle Karlstein last year: it is unknown precisely what FALL NADEL refers to or what other information WOTAN has received. WOTAN was attempting to return to the B.E.F. occupation zone but has been stranded behind enemy lines by the speed of the German advance. Her last known position (radio transmission) was the village of MESEGEN. Recent attempts to retake MESEGEN have failed.

London station considers WOTAN’s information to be highly sensitive and critical to the success of OPERATION DYNAMO. Authorisation is given to take command of an appropriate unit of 3rd Grenadier Guards and penetrate enemy lines to make contact with WOTAN and discover the goals and nature of OPERATION NEEDLE.


Shadows of Atlantis

Discover the secret history of the earliest days of the war: a tale of murder, greed, and deceit, where forbidden knowledge is more highly prized than a man’s life (or his sanity); the quest for an ancient artefact of immense power; the race against the occult forces of the German High Command and even against time itself...

The City of Broken Dreams (Oh, Vienna!)

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