The Emerald Enclave

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The Emerald Enclave is a widespread group of wilderness survivalists who preserve the natural order while rooting out unnatural threats. The organization is decentralized, hardy, and reclusive. Barbarians, druids, and rangers of good or neutral alignments are commonly drawn to the Emerald Enclave.


  • Restore and preserve the natural order.
  • Destroy all that is unnatural.
  • Keep the elemental forces of the world in check.
  • Keep civilization and the wilderness from destroying each other.


  • The natural order must be respected and preserved.
  • Forces that upset the natural order must be destroyed.
  • Civilization and the wilderness must learn to coexist peacefully.

Member Traits

Members of the Emerald Enclave are spread far and wide, and usually operate in isolation. They learn to depend on themselves more than others. Survival in a harsh world also demands great fortitude and mastery of certain fighting and survival skills. Members of the Enclave who dedicate themselves to helping others survive the perils of the wilderness are more social than others who are charged with defending sacred glades and preserving the natural balance.