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Alan Stevenson

Engineer and collector of antiquities. Currently at the University negotiating the sale of several Specimens.

Allan Stevenson just arrived in Edinburgh from India, where he worked on railways across the country. He decided to return to Edinburgh when his father died; he hasn't lived in Scotland since he was seventeen, and finds the country cold and a little strange. He hasn't decided yet whether he'll stay once he's settled his family affairs.

Currently he's boarding with a widow in the city center, somewhere around Tollcross. It's not fancy, but it's cheap and close to the things Allan likes: the theater (or other places to meet women, with whom he doesn't have much experience), the museum and university with their stores of antiquities, and cheap restaurants (Allan's cooking skills are rudimentary; in India servants are cheap).

Allan is a curious and energetic young man. His interest in the occult was sparked by some amateur anthropological investigations he did in northern India, where he discovered legends of a cult of white cobra worshippers in northern Bengal. He collected several stories of this sect, which claim that their priests speak the language of serpents and can petrify a man with their gaze. More interestingly, he managed to acquire some daggers made of bones, or perhaps teeth, which his medical friends were completely unable to recognize. The locals claimed these were envenomed and would kill at a touch, although trials on animals were inconclusive. He hopes the cryptozoologists will help him with this research and he can eventually publish a monograph.