Silver Mandragora

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Philosophers & thinkers all.

The scholarly Silvers are the most learned and physically attractive of all the Mandragora species. They are slender beings with long limbs, and are the tallest Mandragora commonly reaching a height of seven feet. The small scales on their body are blue-grey in colour at birth that lighten to silver, as the Mandragora grows older. From a distance, a Silver might be mistaken for being formed from pure silver. It is common for them to have a light ‘dusting’ of gold flecks upon their wing membranes. Silver Mandragora have green or blue eyes and have excellent vision; whether or not this is due to their mystical kinship with the Lonaraban birds of prey is unknown (see later). They dress in simple woollen robes of grey or white. Sacred Sons and Daughters wear hooded grey robes that cover their faces, and gold piping on the hood indicates their status.

Many Silver Mandragora go through a strange process in their childhood. They develop an empathic mental link with one of the many Lonaraban birds of prey, being able to see through their eyes. Some have such a strong bond that they can even change their shape to that of their avian counterparts. The most skilled share a bond with the Skree’aak, the Giant Red Eagle of the Lonaraban Mountains. These gifted individuals are renowned for being a little unusual in appearance and behaviour, and their thought processes are a strange mix of raptor and Mandragora. They prefer their meat raw; have a piercing gaze, and occasionally seem more like their linked avian than a Mandragor. Those that do not possess the empathic link (known as the ee’kaak) to such a strong degree normally turn towards life as a Sacred Son (or Daughter) in the service of Mandrathea, the Mandragora deity.

The Silver Mandragora are known for their clarity of thought. They live a relatively plain and simple aesthetic life. Their homes tend to be stark without decoration (or ‘distractions’ as the Silvers would call them), to enable them to concentrate and meditate without diversion. Their thought processes are more than a little alien to the other Mandragora, but the Silvers are responsible for much of the Mandragora theories on science and philosophy. The Silvers perfected the SpellWind arts that allow Mandragora ships to traverse the seas. Their skills in the Art tend towards mental and physical alterations or improvements: such as healing, mental defences, sensory enhancement, telepathy, and the like. Silvers’ choice of weapons tend to be simple, but they are given training in the use of a variety of weapons, such as quarterstaves (thibad’aa), kalacs (swords), and tabrich’aa (a flail-like weapon similar to a nunchaku). Some even master the deadly weapon of the Red Mandragora, the shi’badaac (a staff with blades mounted at either end).