Second ish Day At Work

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Well our first investigation kind of hit a dead end. No pun intended. I guess I understand why police people have a bit of a negative air about them. All the dead bodies and things that have been done to them. Yuch.

So we get some more information about the two Nazzadi from the CCTV footage. They show up at Otto's Loans with a large parcel wrapped up to hide it. Then they leave. Not much more than we already knew really.

We got some divers to investigate the flooded maintenance area. After one of them went missing they stopped searching. The poor diver was found washed up in the bay a couple of days later. So yes there is a link from the basement area to the sewers and hence to the sea. So the Deep One could have gained access that way.

Not much more we could do on that case though. The Deep Ones don't exactly walk about and chat to folk.

The Itochi gang attacks might make more sense now though. If the human agents of the Deep Ones were trying to get back their stolen property... To try and find out I get Drebin to liase with some people and we leave a message for any of the Itochi to get in touch about the Needler gun. They might be a little bit shy from talking to the NEG but you have to try. We need to keep a watch on the Deep Ones so any help would be great.

Meanwhile we then get a call from a hopital. Friday night and it is 4.55 pm. Almost all the real people have gone home. Our team is still hard at it. Well some, I guess. So when an emergancy call come in we are asked to go and investigate. This government work is OK but just sometimes...

Anyway, seems a child has been kidnapped from hospital. I mean what? So we go to the New Royal Hospital. We are met by the hospital staff who tell us that Edward Watson, son of Craig and <insert name here> has been kidnapped from the childrens ward. I go to investigate the ward fromk where the child was taken. Drebin ahd Aya check out the CCTV, John talks to the staff and OJ goes and interviews the parents. Now I know that I should not bad mouth another member of the team but the guy just likes to kill things. He talks to his gun when he thinks no one can hear him. He is almost as bad as some of the things we are suppose to stop. I mean...

Ahem. Sorry but I am trying to be a responsible occult scholar. Licensed to the NEG and playing by the rules. Fine. But then we get OJ dealing with people. A bad combination.

I have a look round the scene but there does not seem to be any negative energy in there.

The CCTV coverage shows the nurse Emily Downey watching over the child like some sort of guardian. She seems to be talking or debating with herself. Then she sort of snaps, picks up the child and runs out of the hospital. Of course braining the security guard with a large piece of equipment.

The other members of staff are helpful but there are few more details. Emily had been working at the hospital for a number of years. No sign of any mental issues or neurosies. She did seem to fixate on the child though. No one seemed to understand why though.

OJ talked to the parents. The child was in with enhanced TB. Not fatal if caught in time and it seemed they had. The parents had not noticed any real issues with the nurse. She seemed quite kind really. Nothing else they could add except that he was a miracle. Even OJ picked up on that. What did they mean? They explained that they had needed fertility treatment to conceive. A fabulous Dr. Philip Marsh had helped them. OJ relayed these details to us and we did a quick search for the good Dr. and his clinic.

After a little computer searching we found the address. But what to do? With two possible addresses to visit the answer was obvious, split the party. OJ, Drebin and myself went to the doctor's apartment. Aya and John went to the nurse's.

Is the nurse here?

We made as quick a trip as we could to her place. The long and the short of it the place was empty and looked as if no one really lived there. Empty cupboards and the place with the empty feel.

Doctor in the house

The trip to the doctors place was far more interesting. For a start when we got there the police had the place cordoned off. So not an auspicious start. The nurse had been seen entering the building but the damger was something to do with a firearm she had obtained. I.e. storming the building might get the little chap shot.

We had a good look round the outside but with no way of seeing into the apartment block Drebin decided to go in. I followed him at a distance. We got up to the correct floor and just as we were getting near to the front door we hear a shot ring out. I stayed well back as Drebin sneaked into the appartment. What he found was a little weird. The nurse had put a bullet through her own head. Not a pretty sight but why?

We have a good look round and find the suicide note. She said that she could not stop him. From what has happened we put two and two together and get four.


Aya and John are making there way to the fertility clinic. The outside does not look to promising. A rather run down apartment block. It seems to be a totaly disused site. But more than that the whole area seems sort of cold? Or maybe slightly fishy?

The rest of us have realised we are in the wrong location rush to the clinic. Aya and John thank goodness don't try and enter the building before us. They put on their armour and are just about finished as we get there. A brief conversation about the situation and we all suit up and go in.

The gound floor entrance is not a pretty sight. The door seems to have been locked in the past but that was a long time ago and someone or thing has gained entrace fairly recently. The reception area is empty of everything except some wind bourne trash. There are a few consulting rooms off this area but empty as well. The stairs at the back lead but up and down. And this is were the strange damp really starts. The main reception area had a bit of a smell but as we went deeper into the building it just got worse.

Drebin went first and was shot at. OJ tried to be as sneaky but without success. He was shot in the shoulder as he tried to give support and covering fire.