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2 skill points

Shield proficiency


Martial Weapon proficiency:


Skills available:

Knowledge(engineering) specialization: Disable Device
Ranged Combat

Crafting Boobytraps

You can use Craft(boobytraps) to build simple traps with material at hand if you have at least 2 ranks in Survival. The materials you will need are listed. Often you’ll need rope or string. If you possess them, you may add poisons or alchemical substances to the trap, as long as they are feasible. You can also invent your own traps from materials you have at hand.

Depending on your total modifier on the skill, you are able to build traps of different complexity. For every point your total modifier is higher than the required to build a certain trap, you can increase its Perception and Disable Device checks by 1 point as well.

5Alarm (rope or string, 1 bell per 10ft of string or rope) Perception or Disable DC20. triggers bells, Ref DC15 to avoid.

5Tripwire (rope) Perception DC18. Ref DC15 to avoid falling prone.

5Pit Trap (a shovel to dig, branches or debris of some kind to hide the pit)

5Noose (rope, branches or other propping material to hold the rope)

5Spiked Snare (rope, branches, thick branches you’ll neeed to sharpen, tall tree or structure) snares a target upside down into the air into a set of spikes

7Spiked pit trap (a shovel to dig, branches or debris of some kind to hide the pit, thick branches you’ll neeed to sharpen)

7Net trap (a net, rope) Perception DC25. Ref DC20 to avoid becoming entangled.

9Deadfall (several rocks of at least Small size, trapsmith kit)

11Catapult Snare (rope, branches, thick branches you’ll neeed to sharpen, tall but flexible tree)


You can start training feats as soon as you complete initiation. The skill point cost for each feat is listed between parethesis.

Trapfinding (4) Prerequisite: Perception 2 ranks. You add 1/2 your character level to Perception checks made to locate and disarm traps. You can now use Survival to disarm booby traps, Knowledge(engineering) to disarm mechanical traps, and Knowledge(arcana) to disarm magical traps.

Track (4) Prerequisite: Survival 2 ranks. You gain the ability to follow and identify tracks. To find tracks or to follow them for 1 mile requires a successful Survival check. You must make another Survival check every time the tracks become difficult to follow. See full description here.

Eagle Eyes (4) Prerequisites: Wis 13, Perception 4 ranks. You suffer no penalties due to distance to Perception checks up to 50ft.

Fast Movement (4) Prerequisites: Dex 14. +10ft movement while in Light or no armor and unencumbered.

Nimble Moves (3) Prerequisite: Dex 13. When moving through difficult terrain, you can ignore 5ft of such terrain per round and treat it as normal terrain. This allows you to take 5ft steps through difficult terrain.

Acrobatic Steps (4) Prerequisite: Dex 13, Nimble Moves, Acrobatics 4 ranks. When moving through difficult terrain, you can now ignore up to 20ft of such terrain per round and treat it as normal terrain.

Wilderness Stride (3) Prerequisite: Dex 13, Nimble Moves, Acrobatic Steps, Acrobatics 6 ranks. You ignore the effects of difficult terrain in natural environments, moving at your normal speed.

Camouflage (2) Prerequisite: Int 11. You learn advanced camouflage techniques. You gain a +4 bonus on Stealth checks while within terrain that matches the foliage used to make the camouflage. You need 1 minute to prepare the camouflage. This ability cannot be used in areas without natural foliage. If you suffer an area attack that deals fire, cold or acid and fail the saving throw, the camouflage is destroyed.

Canny Observer (6) Prerequisite: Perception 6 ranks. You gain a +4 bonus on Perception checks to hear details of a conversation or to find concealed or secret objects.

Fast Stealth (4) Prerequisites: Fast Movement, Stealth 6 ranks. You can use the Stealth skill while moving at normal speed at no penalty.

Fast Crawl (2) Prerequisites: Fast Movement . You can crawl while prone at half your speed, and can take 5ft steps while crawling.

Defensive Cimbing (3) Prerequisite: Dex11 or Str11, Climb 4 ranks You have more freedom of movement while climbing: if you take a -10 penalty to Climb checks, you retain your Dex bonus to AC and you don’t need to make Climb checks when you take damage.

Ledge Walker (3) Prerequisites: Fast Movement, Acrobatics 6 ranks You can move along narrow surfaces using Acrobatics at full speed without penalty. You are also not flat-footed against enemies when moving in such a way.

Catfall (2) Prerequisites: Acrobatics 6 ranks. As an immediate action, when you fall 20ft or more, you can ignore the first 20ft of the fall for the purpose of calculating damage taken. If there is no damage taken, you do not land prone.

Trap Spotter (6) Prerequisites: Trapfinding, Perception 5 ranks. You get an immediate Perception check whenever you come within 10ft of a trap. This roll is made in secret by the DM.

Keen Ears (6) Prerequisite: Perception 8 ranks, +2 specialization on listening. You learn to discern specific details about a source of noise: if you beat the DC by 5 or more, you determine the size, speed and direction of the source; if you beat by 10 or more, you determine the precise, current position of the noise source; if you beat by 15 or more, you determine, if it is a creature(s), if they are wearing armor and carrying weapons or gear, and what kind. You gain a +5 bonus on Perception to pinpoint invisible creatures.

Great Leap (6) Prerequisite: Acrobatics 4 ranks, Fast Movement. You can make Acrobatics checks to jump at the normal DC without needing a 20ft running start. If you do perform a running start, you get a +5 bonus on the check. You must be wearing Light or no armor and not be encumbered.

Corner Perch (2) Prerequisite: Acrobatics 4 ranks, Climb 8 ranks. If you’re climbing up a space where you can brace against opposite walls (like a chimney) or perpendicular walls (like the corner of a room), you can suspend yourself and free your hands for other uses until the end of your next turn. At the end of your next turn you go down 10 points in the initiative count (if you’re in combat), and must succeed on a Climb check with a +5 to the DC, or fall.

Improved Diversion (4) Prerequisite: Bluff 4 ranks. When you use Bluff to create a diversion to hide, you need only spend a move action to do so, and gain a +4 bonus on the check.

Brachiation (4) Prerequisite: Climb 4 ranks, Acrobatics 4 ranks. You can move through treetops of dense forests (20ft high at least) at normal land speed, with no penalties to movement due to terrain.

Evasion (6) Prerequisite: Dex 13, Perception 5 ranks. When you succeed on a Ref save against an area attack that deals only half damage on a successful save, you take no damage instead.

Coordinate Stealth (3) Prerequisite: Cha 11, Stealth 6 ranks. When advancing stealthily with your team, you can grant allies that have at least 2 ranks in Stealth a +2 bonus on Stealth checks.

Dodging Maneouvers (4) Prerequisite: Dex 13, Fast Movement, Dodge, Mobility, Tumble, Acrobatics 8 ranks. You sprint and somersault across the battlefield, avoiding danger. Whenever you use the withdraw action (a full-round action where you move up to double your speed), you gain a +2 on Ref saves, dodge AC, Jump checks and Tumble checks to avoid Attacks of Opportunity.