Port Seton Quarantine Zone

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When the D-engine experiment went wrong, no one expected the disaster. Nearby towns like Boness were sucked into a cloud of dust that exists to this day during a flash of black radiance. In Edinburgh bars, NEG Military talk in hushed tones about being in a night-black sandstorm, where instruments give ghost readings. Some talk about picking up comm-chatter from dead comrades.

No one goes into the Zone willingly. NEG military say the very ground changes and time doesn't work properly. Daily deep patrols have sometimes disappeared for weeks until emerging unaware of the time that has elapsed. Military personnel rotas are cycled regularly through Musselburgh, and all patrols are subjective to a rigorous psych exam.

The Musselburgh forces have been reinforced by the survivors of the Night of the Worm, and the barracks and fortifications now resemble a frontline military encampment.


  • The Zone is a Grey hole.
  • Las Vegas gambling chips have been found in the Zone: maybe it links to the Zone in Las Vegas.
  • The Zone is growing and the NEG are covering it up.
  • No Engels will enter the Zone.