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Additional Player Options

Player Options

The original game included only three character classes: Fighter, Magic-User, and Cleric. These three, plus a version of the Thief class, will be the preferred classes in the game. If possible, you should play one of these "core" classes, especially for your first character.

There are a few other classes I will allow, provided you roll particularly well or too poorly to play one of the core classes. These classes come from the White Box Companion, published by Barrel Rider Games.

Druid - Rather than play a Cleric, you may opt to play a Druid. You must abide by the weapon and armour restrictions. Your alignment must be Neutral. However, you can be an elf.

Paladin - If you have at least average Strength and a 15 or higher in Charisma, you may play a Paladin. Your alignment must be Law, and you must be a human. You do not have to donate any of your wealth to charity, but you cannot turn undead.

Ranger - If you have at least average Strength and a 15 or higher in Dexterity, you may play a Ranger. You must be a human, and you cannot cast spells. Rangers can use their Forestry skill to forage for healing herbs, allowing them to restore 1d6 hit points when they bind wounds, but they must be in a wilderness area to do this. (If another PC has already bound the wounds for 1d4 hit points, the Ranger may restore an additional 1d4 hit points.) You do not have any alignment restrictions, nor do you have to donate your wealth to charity. You can choose one of the following benefits: you can add your Dex bonus to your AC; you can have the "Giant-Slayer" damage bonus; or you can make an extra attack when fighting with two one-handed weapons.

Thief - The Thief class is open to humans, elves, and halflings. Elves and Halflings have no level limits when playing the Thief class. Thieves have no alignment restriction (you may be a Lawful Thief), nor must they literally be "thieves" (any more than Bilbo Baggins was literally a burglar). Thieves do not have the ability to climb walls without climbing gear. They are not Spider-man.

I may consider other class options or homebrew classes. However, I will not allow Bards or Monks.