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Kanly is young Nazzadi male who has been partnered with Donalds for a couple of years. He has a slightly more optimistic view of things than his partner, but retains a healthy degree of cynicism. He is somewhat vain about his appearance and has something of an eye for both human and Nazzadi ladies.

As well as being very intelligent and well read, Kanly has an almost uncanny degree of intuition, one that has saved both their lives on a few occasions: it seems to be more a skill than a psychic power.

When he is off duty, Kanly can often be found in the more upmarket bars and nightclubs, and maintains a small flat near the Shore in Leith. Kanly is more radical than most Nazzadi in that he eschews the need to adhere to Nazzadi culture - he sees it as manufactured and needless: the Migou created them after all and gave them false memories - why should they retain that same culture?