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Imperial Personnel


General Ingrid Knight

General Knight is the Scion of one of the smaller noble houses of Aquatica. However, her family has quickly risen to prominence in her home city over the last few years as they are one of the premier weapon's manufactures of the city and have quickly become very rich and influential. Although she had been the leader of the houses military forces for many years her practical experience was slight particularly at larger engagements and it her position as leader of the thrust against Babel was mostly a political appointment. Once given command she proved to be a competent but unimaginative commander with most of her tactics taken directly from the Tactica Imperialis. However, she is very single minded, when on the attach she attacks with everything, when in defence it is the most powerful defence possible. She is not well liked by the troops of her battlefront as they think, quite correctly, that she sees their lives as another way to obtain political power. Her command is currently threatened by the leader of the guard forces assigned to her General Amanda Summerfield who is very much her opposite. The two has been given joint command of the forces pushing for Babel at present by General Knight is looking for a way to disgrace and remove her co-commander.

General Susan Mendez

General Mendez is one of the longest serving officers of the war having taken command of the Vaga PDF forces shortly after the original rebellion. Her fight against the rebel city of Shogun seems almost personal after seeing much of her cities population being pushed into battle against them for 10 years. Her people have been fighting alone for most of that time with only very minimal Guard support, she was enraged by the guard requirement to reorganise and rename her forces and although she complied, unofficially much of her force remain their old house loyalty. Mendez is well liked by her troops as they have seen her alongside them for the whole of the war although she seems vary of outsiders and newcomers. As is expected given the devotion of her home city General Mendez is a very religious woman, having as many religious and military advisors, early in her life she had considered taking holy orders to become a member of the Adaptus Senoritas before her family gave her her military rank. Like her forces her command style had adapted over the years to deal with the changes in the nature of the war although she had shown great skill in trench warfare both on the offence and defence. She has as different times acted both cautiously, not breaking out of her defensive position until she was sure she had the forces to crush the enemy and impulsively, by passing rather than destroying enemy defences so her forces can catch fleeing traitors. Now that her forces are at the very gates of the enemy it seems that she might have to ask for outside help (although Aquatica forces have been suplimenting her own for much of the war) for the first time as it appears that her own cities exhausted forces may not be enough to finish the job.

Lord Jackson Smyth Lord Smyth comes from the power Smyth nobel house which has members in almost all of Telos's hives. Over the years of the war his power has waxed and wained. After the assasination of the previous planetary govenment he was one of the many pretenders who appointed themselves govenour and given his influence it was likely that he could have officially sealed the position if Lord Odinson's brave attack had not broken the first seige of Gotham and won him the position. Oddly Lord Odinson did not seem to hold any emnity for Lord Smyth and instead of banishing him as was his right he instead appointed Smyth as the leader of one of New Valhalla's army despite Smyth having only limited military experience, some saw this as a joke on Odinson's part. Despite this Smyth's forces performed adiquitly, mostly as Smyth was willing to listen to has advisors although he was often slow to come to a decission on important matters. His forces repeatedly attacked Katham and dispite repeated success Smyth prooved unable to perminantly defeat him opponents. Matters came to a head when the Imperial Guard forces joined in the attack, unpreparied Smyth could not corrdinate his forces with the guard leading to massive losses as the units failed to support each other. Furous Lord General Jagger demanded that Smyth be removed from power. Govenour Odinson obeyed but again, possible as some sort of joke, make Lord Smyth he official leasion between the Guard and PDF forces on the planet and gave him responsibility for reoganising the PDF to match the guard a very unpopular plan. Once again Smyth proved capable in this role but not outstanding again deffering to advisors about the matter.


Lord General Augustus Jagger

Lord General Jagger is the overall leader of the Imperial forces on Telos. He is in his 4th century and his body is mostly maintained by Machanicus devices which keep him alive and mobile. In his youth as a major he was part of the force that originally conquered Telos and it was this reason which drove him to organise an army to prevent it falling to chaos. Although his service record was impressive he had fallen from favour with sector command and has spent the last century in a training post, however, he used all of his remaining allies and political capital to form task force adamantium. Once he and his forces arrived he found the war to not be the one he had expected. His strength lay in the organisation of large forces from central command and his ability to micromanage battles almost to the squad level allowing victory with in minimum necessary casualties. On Telos the disruption to communications meant that orders given from his command centre in New Valhalla might take weeks to reach the front lines and a battle might be over before he is aware of it. This forced him to give greater authority to his subordinates a fact which angers and scares the Lord General. He is a naturally cautious man forced to take risks that he can't truly judge. However, despite his distance and impotence he is liked by the general soldiery as he has put his considerable talents to the logistics of the war and ensures that they are well supplied to do their duty.

General Herman Starling

General Starling is the latest in quite a long line of officers given command of the forces sent to deal with first Katham, then to clear the siege of Gotham and finally to deal with Babel itself. He is considered Lord General Jaggers current favourite as he was one of the top students from the training school on Bathsheba who came to Telos as part of the first wave of Imperial Guard forces. His job is complicated by the large variety of units currently under his control several of which do not even speak the same language. However, he has turned out to be a competent if uncharismatic leader, allowing the colonel under his control free rein on their own forces as long as they stick roughly to his overall plan.

General Amanda Summerfield

General Summerfield was introduced to the war on Telos as part of the second wave of troops. She originally hails from the planet of Necromunda and rumour and her extensive tattoos suggest that she may have connections to the underhive gangs of that world. She is relatively young for her position and acts as if she has something to prove as she often leads from the front. Her command style is innovative if rather sloppy, she tends not to worry too much about logistics, her flanking attack on the Babel forces seemed to come from nowhere but if the enemy had not fled her forces would have soon been forced to retreat due to lack of ammunition. She is a charismatic leader who seems passionate about the wealthare of the troops under her (possibly in more than one way, there are rumours about the number of strapping young men in her bodyguard) which leaves her well respected by her men. She has currently been given joint command of the attack on Babel with General Ingrid Knight although the two women hated each other in sight and spend an increasing amount of time trying to unseat each other. While General Knight tried political tricks to remove Summerfield, it seems more likely that General Summerfield would just knife her rival.


Inquisitor Reginald Spiden

Inquisitor Spiden is the only Inquisitor known to be active on Telos at this time. He was instrumental in discovering the sorcerous cult which killed the previous planetary governor although its destruction cost him the life of almost his entire retinue and badly injured him. Now that he has recovered he is putting his strength towards investigating how the forces of the Dead can be returned each day and how this power can be broken.

Lord Governor Baldur Odinson

Baldur Odinson is the current Lord Governor of Telos; he was elevated to the position after the death of his Uncle at the beginning of the uprising. He has a reputation for bold and selfless actions, he led his personal guard to stop the first siege of Gotham even though he could have lost everything, but he is by his own confession a poor general. For the early part of the war he let his generals and city governors run the fighting for him and once Lord General Jagger arrived he was happy to give overall command to him. He remains a figurehead for the common people and also has much sway with the nobility making the current military campaign much easier by reducing their influence on the forces.

The Liberator

The Liberator is the mysterious individual that rallied the forces of Gotham when it looked like they would fall to darkness. His very presence was said to give hope to the troops, his touch could heal the dying and no corrupted foe could stand against him as his light turned their own power against them. He disappeared after the forces of Babel were driven off, some say he was killed others that the Emperor raised him to his side, others that he still fights in the guise of a member of the PDF. Many of the Ecclesiarchy talk of getting him pronounced a saint although the fact his identity is not known would make this difficult.

Adept Pac Macintosh

Adept Macintosh is the head adept of the Iron Beasts Titan Legion forces on the planet and pilot of the Warlord Titan 'Steel Bear'. Macintosh is a very aggressive man and many speak that he has begun to be corrupted by the Machine Spirit of his Titan. He is frustrated by the slow pace of the war and wishes to make an all-out attack against Babel itself rather than wait for the army to regroup. It is said that it was his blood lust that caused his legion to run into the mine field left by the retreating Babel forces causing is side great losses.

Tech Lord Abacus

Tech Lord Abacus is a high ranking Mechanicus leader from the forge world Wayland. He and his people put their support behind Lord General Jaggers plan to relieve the loyalist forces on Telos and their political weight was essential in ensuring the Task force was set up. Once he and his forces arrived and Telos he was shown to have an ulterior motive and he sent his forces to secure the various dark age of technology structures found near the poles of the planet. This desertion was seen as treason by the Lord General and fighting almost broke out between the Guard and Mechanicus forces. It was only when Abacus agreed to leave his Titans behind and under the Lord Generals nominal control that the rest of the Mechanicus forces were allowed to leave without harm. Abacus and his forces have spent most of the war guarding the mechanicus dig sites.

Captain Maverick Saber

The leader of the Space Marine forces on Telos little of known of the captain and his men. They arrived half way through the war and offered their support to the Vagan forces. However, they do not seem to be part of the command structure of the PDF and do as they want when they want often leading to the PDF to have to reposition quickly to match them infuriating their leader General Mendez. When called to give an account of his actions Captain Saber has refused to reply leaving the General frustrated. However, there is no denying the effectiveness of the Space Marine forces, it is even rumoured that they were responsible for the assassination of the original governor of Shogun, although if that was the case it backfired as it allowed Arachne to become the ruler of the city.

Chaos Forces


The creature known as Nepharzum appears to be currently in charge of the forces of Babel. The creature is thought to be in some way related to a rogue trader dynasty as there is some record that a new house was in the city of Babel shortly before the revolt and may have been involved in the assassination of the city governor. From the interrogation of Babel forces Nepharzum is demonic and her group as the ruler of the city is fairly loose and seems to have little active control over the armed forces preferring her underlings to run the war while she remains safe in the city enjoying the spoils of the war. There are reports that she has sent teams to specifically capture certain individuals and artefacts from battle fronts apparently for her own amusement. With the tide turning against the chaos forces Nepharzum may be forced to take part in actual fighting to protect its new domain.


The other demonic overlord of the enemy forces goes by the name of Arachne and she rules from the city of Shogun. Her exact history is not known but appears to have come to control the city largely unopposed after the original governor was assassinated. She appears to have a close link to the dead and her name matches that of on the commissars assigned to that cursed regiment. Unlike Nepharzum Arachne has taken a more active role in the war having fought at several of the major battles, her war form of half woman, half snake and spews toxins through the battlefield. Her control over the military forces seems to be direct and acts as the highest warlord in the army passing commands directly to the lesser champions.