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For basic details on how to format text in the ORC wiki, please see here. To see an example page, see the ORC_Wiki_Template.


  • Assign a Category or Categories to each page you create - this should be the name of the campaign e.g.
    Category: New World
    . You can view a list of available categories at Special:Categories or you can create your own by entering
    Category: Your choice
    at the top of the page. When you edit a page, a list of categories will also be displayed.
  • Check your spelling and grammar and make sure others can read what you type, or you may find your content being edited by them!
  • Try and create content-rich pages rather than stubs (where there is only a sentence or so).
  • Don't create page links unnecessarily - especially if they go nowhere. Only create links when you need them. The website admin frequently checks for, and may remove, dead links.
  • Leave a blank line between each paragraph.
  • If you create the wiki entry in another product, preview the entry in the wiki before submitting.
  • Make sure that any links you create actually work!
  • Use meta tags to describe your page content - mention the game and some of the background but try and keep it to 256 characters or less
<metadesc>A description of your campaign</metadesc>
  • Create unique game-specific pages. Consider other users of the wiki - dont create a page called Players or RPG campaign for something. Admins may rename a page and link if it isn't specific enough.


You can create headings using the "=" symbols e.g.

=Heading 1=
==Heading 2==
===Heading 3=== etc.

The heading below is Heading 2.

Uploading Files

You can only upload image files at this point in time. Allowed filetypes are .png .gif .jpg, .fcw, and .jpeg. If you want to add other files please use the ORC Downloads page, then add a link.

You'll need to upload the files first using Special:Upload, then point to that file in your wiki page e.g.



  • Links are case sensitive - creating a link using the [[ ]] brackets, means that links called [[Ashes of Freedom]] and [[ashes of freedom]] are two separate links!
  • Links in red point to pages that have not been created yet. Always check your spelling.
  • Links in blue point to existing pages.
  • Hyperlinks to other pages outside the wiki should be enclosed in [ ] not [[ ]] e.g. a link to Bill's website called is written as [ Bills website] and appears as Bills website


Tables are a bit tricky to set up at first, but you can create them using the Advanced option in the Editor.

User: Pages

When you create your first page it will also create a User Page for you. It's up to you whether you use this or not - see User Pages.

--Bill (talk) 12:57, 17 December 2014 (UTC)