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House Rules

Rule set:

This will use Studio 2's 2014 version of the Mongoose Traveller rules.

In certain cases, we will also refer to the SRD:


Endurance will be called Constitution.

Character Creation:

All alien races are not available. All psionics are not available.

The personal development tables are not allowed.

For the nobility profession, qualification requires a roll of Soc 10+ or Soc score 12 (not 10), and the advancement rolls for Administrators, Diplomats, and Dillettantes are Edu 8+, Soc 7+, Int 9+.

Science is a single skill with 4 specialisations: life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, and space sciences. Uniquelly for this skill, skills of 3 or higher must be in a subspecialty. Additional subspecialties can be taken for one skill point for each rank beyond 2.

Analgathics are removed from the universe.

The gambling skill does not provide a bonus on benefit rolls. Those with the gambling skill can roll gamblng 8+ for an roll cash on the money table for one of their professions.

The party cannot start with more than 60% share in a ship.


First, perhaps a clarification not a change, an intelligent interface is sufficient for a computer user to use expert systems, and an intellect is assumed to have the necessary interface for it to use an expert system. Second, in a similar vein, an intellect program counts as an intelligent interface for a user trying to gain the benefit of an expert system. Third, in contradiction to the printed rules, although intellects are sufficiently advanced to use expert systems, they do not have human-like intelligence, are unable to do much more than access expert systems, and are easily confused.

The ship's locker

The rules state that "the contents of the locker are defined only when they need to be but always contains [sic] vacc suits and other useful items" but "it is a tool to simplify bookkeeping, nothing more". I'm going to interpret this as follows. Money needs to be put into the ships locker with, preferably, a description of the type of things being stored. If you spend a couple thousand on weapons, you can assume there's your choice of shotguns and autopistols for everyone and maybe an assault rifle or gauss pistol. If you spend a 10,000, you can assume there's high TL stunners and ACRs for the players and enough shotguns for the passengers if the ship gets boarded. If you spend mid 5 digits, you can assume you've got a good supply of laser rifles for the party, plus stunners and a bunch of other weapons for the party and passengers. Something similar would apply for sensors, toolkings, medical supplies, and protective gear. If the party has maintained a healthy balance, has been in reasonable TL markets, and suddenly needs something life saving -such as a vacc suit for an engineer or antivenom for a poisoned character- that wasn't mentioned previously, then we can simply deduct the cost and assume it was previously purchased. Conversely, if the party is in a starport, I'll expect players to go buy it.

The law: checks, bans on landing, bans on tech and autarky

Page 174 gives rules for when travellers will be checked or investigated. On first approaching a system, a check will be made and investigations will be made for each of the appropriate restrictions for which the party failed a check. This goes someway to providing rules for smuggling. In general, Travellers shipping banned goods can dock but must declare their goods and will have to make investigation rolls upon arrival and departure.

Starports have both docks on their starport and automated refineries. In this sector (and somewhat in violation of the rules as written), systems banning travellers (which Gavin has marked with an X) will still allow ships to dock with automated refineries to refuel.

The ban on tech (again possibly in violation of the rules as written) is interpreted as a ban on off-world technology. Since Traveller is set in the space 1970s, the ban is based on either a policy of autarky (an attempt to have the system become self-sufficient) or merely import-substitution development (an attempt to move up the TL ladder by protecting domestic producers from external competition). Thus, on a TL 8 world that bans TL 3 technology will still have orbital stations and allow its inhabitants to use advanced computers, air rafts, and panaceas that are produced in the shystem but will not allow travellers to sell anything other than things like basic consumables and raw materials.

The law: checks again

Law checks need to be made daily and upon arrival. Even though my reading of the rules is that a single roll is made for the party, this could end up being a lot of rolls. I'm going to rule that if the party is not carrying illegal cargo or otherwise engaged in illegal activity, it is assumed that a check is failed, an investigation occurs, and nothing comes of it. If the party has illegal cargo, I'll be calling for daily checks. If the party buys illegal cargo and immediately leaves, I'll still require a roll for the final day. Given the party's notoriety, I'll be imposing penalties.

Cabin layout and couples

Since the question was asked, I'm going to slightly rearrange some of the rooms and doors and rule that some adjacent rooms have connecting doors next to the main door, so that high passenger couples can effectively have a large suite. In particular, on the left, the first room beneath the hatch is flipped vertically and a connecting door is added between that room and the one beneath it. On the right, the three room are a mirror image of the new configuration of the three on the left beneath the hatch.

Limits on going faster or slower

It is only possible to move up or down a maximum of three rows on the the time frames table. If jumping should take 10-60 seconds, there will be no further gain for dragging it out beyond six hours.

Mega jump scars, astrogation, and jumping

In a system marked with mega jump scars, there are typically several mega jump scars about the size of a planet. In systems marked with a category 2 jump scar, there are clouds of such scars; as with an asteroid belt, although the sum of the volume of the individual constituents is small, when treated as an extended object, the cloud is much large.

On the astrogation check, there is a -1 penalty if the target system has a mega jump scar that is trying to be avoided. This increases to a -2 if trying to jump into it. There is also a -2 for trying to jump from being within 100 diameters of a mega jump scar. On the J-drive check, the same penalties apply. These penalties are doubled for category 2 mega jump scars.