Fungi of the Purple Planet

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For mushroom 6, the head and body have the same effect. It is assumed the same is true for others.

1 Tiger stripped. Bitter taste, Fort <18. [Eaten by Crunk] Kith eat it to show strength. Garneedi
2 Puff ball. Touching causes an explosion of spores Ref <13. Kith avoid. Rasta
3 Woody, tiger stripped. Fluid is "moon milk" which heals 1 lost stamina. [Drunk by Catherine] A standard dose, approximately a pint, restores a larger amount of stamina and boosts strength and agility d3. Vescusian
4 Tall blue. A good building material. The stalk tastes bad. Hussani
5 "Power up". Death's head mushroom with skull image on top. Adds d14 temporary hit points, increase to ref and fort saves, increase to hit and damage. [Eaten by Crunk] Lasts 8 hours.
6 Very big. Flavourless with bad after taste. Fort <18. [Eaten by Catherine] Kith do not seek it. Maniart
7 Blue and towering. ~200'. "Meaty". Can be eaten, but has no obvious effect. [Eaten by Betty-Lou] Grib nest here, and Kith therefore avoid them. Upra
8 Sickly yellow. d5 chart no save. Caused several days of stomach pain until magically healed. [Eaten by Catherine] Kith avoid them, but don't know why. Kith superstition says they are holy to a long forgotten god who smites those who defiles them (67 on the random Kith superstition chart) Yikai
9 Spore cloud when disturbed. Will >5 \leq 13. Creates hallucinations that friends are enemies. Wears off in 3 rounds.
10 Fort DC >11. HP damage ~11. [Eaten by Watter, also Catherine] Can be boiled into a poison (d5HP. Oneit
11 Violet, medium sized. What Kith eat when they aren't eating other Kith and considered part of a balanced diet. Yobolich
12 Small toadstool. Will 9 (fail?). Cloudy's heady feel hazy.
13 When dried: First time Fort 13, Will ? lead to hours of sleep and going from level 4 to 5; second time no save death. [Eaten twice by Catherine]
14 Brown with darker nodules and with weeping fluid. Will >12. Causes d20 hours of hallucination on the history of the purple planet. [Eaten by Catherine, Crunk, and Watter] Some young Kith like to get high on these. Ha'aven mushrooms
15 Brown, slimy, leafy. Picking releases stinging spore cloud Will >12 (Kith claim this isn't true). Subsequent eating heals d12 HP. Kith claim they are deadly to touch but nutritious. Possible Watter's frying pan was crucial here. Retids

After eating 6, 8, and 14, Catherine developed a worsening stomach ache that has, so far, lasted 2 days.