Fledgling Empires - Lands

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Northern Wastes

The area bordering the frost fang mountains to the north. This area sees snow and ice cover it all year round, a few barbaric tribes of humans, dwarves and orcs barely survive in this area. It is rumoured that the great dwarf general Oskar Kirensky found a habitual part of this land and lives there still but all who have tried to locate this oasis have not returned.

Frost Fang Mountains

The traditional dwarvern homelands. Once home to over a hundred dwarvern cities or thanes many have been overrun and destroyed in the last two centuries by Orc raiders and the remaining cities are often besieged or at war with each other. The ownership of the ruins of the old capital Kaza-na-barak are hotly contested by the remaining dwarf lords and it changes hand every few years.

New Dwarf lands

This are the areas which have been settled by dwarven refugees from the frost fang mountains. Unlike the traditional drarvern mountain kingdoms this areas consist of foothills and forested areas. The various kingdoms which make up this area are generally on good terms with each other although conflict is not unknown. Many of the newer kingdoms trade with the older kingdoms and human lands to the south. In general dwarves prefer to build their own cities rather than settling previous elven buildings. The eastern and western most kingdoms suffer regular raids from human and orc barbarian tribes.

Western Orc Lands

A harsh and desolate land spotted with swampy areas. This is the traditional orc homeland before its fall the elven kingdoms kept the border dotted with forts to keep the orcs back but with the decimation of the elven people these forts were overrun and the orcs advanced into previously elven territory. Unlike the human barbarians the orcs are less nomadic and many tribes have settled in ruined elven and dwarvern cities. Conflicts between orc tribes have slowed their expansion but each year the orcs push further east into human and dwarvern lands with no sign of stopping.

Eastern Plains

A wide grassy area inhabited by human nomads. These people build no cities and spent their whole lives travelling. Like the orcs prior to the conflagration a network of elven forts kept the barbarians out of elvish lands and with their destruction the tribes have spread west. There are some settled human and dwarf towns within this area which pay protection money to a local tribe but most other peoples in these lands and killed on sight. Like the orc tribes to the west the nomads are slowly moving further and further afield. Rumours have recently been heard that a great ruler is attempting to unite the clans into one army to strike out into the wild lands much to the dismay of the neighbouring kingdoms.

Wild Lands

These lands were once the heart of the elven empire and consists of a mixture of terrain. Much of the area is unclaimed by any race spotted with ruined elven cities. However, all races hold some territory in the area be it human robber barons, orcish tribes, Halfling caravans, elven villages, dwarvern outposts or elven cities preserved by gnomes. All fight for the resources and power these lands can bring leading to a frontier feeling even to areas settled for over a century.


Normally referred to as 'The last elven city'. Greenburg was once a small provincial town until the conflagration when it was found that an unusually large number of the population was immune to the infection. The town Mayor Drusilla Siannodel turned the town into a refugee camp for the survivors of the plague. One of the few cities in the world to actually feel crowded with over 5000 elves crammed into a town build for about a fifth of that Greenburg is a beacon of hope for the species. However, the nomads of the eastern plains draw closer each year and the city is desperately attempting to ally with surrounding human settlements in order to combat the threat.


Sometimes referred to as the silent city or the city of the dead. During the conflagration the ruler of the city an individual now known as the death lord decided it save his people the only way he could, as the undead. As the conflagration destroyed the bodies of those infected he slew the uninfected among his people and raised them to turn on their kin until none remained alive within the kingdom. The death lord himself is rumoured to be the first of his own victims when he converted himself into a lich. Since that day the deathlord has been content to protect his lands borders and has not expanded his influence although the surrounding human lords dread the day when he changes his mind.

New Kingdoms

These are the lands originally settled by the refugees fleeing from the fall of the empire of Thray. Now almost 150 years old these lands are generally considered civilised and open warfare between kingdoms is rare although not unknown. The kingdoms often send settlers into the wild lands to claim new resources or living space for their expanding populations.

Middle Kingdoms

The Middle Kingdoms are the area that was once the empire of Thray. Since the fall many say the land is cursed. Split into hundreds of small kingdoms and city states the land is currently at war. Each lord holds a fragment of the crown and emperor and this seems to give him some control over the form of each land, as the fragments change hand so the land itself changes to suit its new ruler. Each king tries to conquer the others and refourge the completed crown but in 200 years none have gotten close.