Fledgling Empires - Classes

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Barbarians are common among the human and orc tribes that lived at the edges of the Elven kingdoms. More civilised warriors who fight based on their rage may also be found among those living in the newer human kingdoms as well as elves and dwarfs who have been disturbed by the fall of their kingdoms.


Bards are quite a rare class, they were once common among elves, however, and their continual traveling made them even more likely to be infected by the conflagration than most elves resulting in the fiery death of most of them. The few remaining surviving elf bards often travel to keep communication open between the scattered surviving settlements; gnomes have taken up this role as well and are more likely to be welcomed due to their immunity to the conflagration. Human and dwarf bards are also known in the newly settled lands. Many Halflings work as bards or entertainers as well.


Clerics can be found among all races on the continent. A single pantheon is shared by most races although some may know the gods by different names. Many elves feel that their gods abandoned them to the burning and have moved to druidic religions instead. Only a small number of the faithful are granted magical powers by their deity’s.


Druids are often found among the human and orc tribes of the east and west. The scattered Elven settlements may also contain druids.


Fighters are found commonly among all races particularly among the besieged dwarf’s thanes and the barely civilised frontier human kingdoms.


Monks are very rare. Originally a common class among elves most of them perished along with the majority of that race. The largest concentration of these martial artists remain in the elven city of Greenberg although some humans, gnomes and Halflings have copied their skills from documents found in fallen elven cities the elf monks look down upon these interlopers in contempt.


Paladins are extremely rare holy warriors. They are most commonly found among the more civilised human kingdoms although some may be sent out to the frontiers to try and keep light and law alive there.


Rangers are probably the most common class found on the continent. Due to the large amount of wilderness area that used to be the elven kingdoms all races find the Rangers skills to be useful in settling new areas and surviving in areas already captured.


Rogues are a common class among gnomes, Halflings, dwarves and elves. They are equally common in civilised and frontier settlements although their operandi may change in different environments from stealth to outright thuggary.


Sorcerers are not common in human lands, they were hunted in the old empire. With the fall of the empire the surviving sorcerers fled among the other refugees and are now spread through human lands. Sorcerers are most common among gnomes and Halfling although some elves show innate magic talent as well although few survived the effect their magic had on the burning.


Warlocks are very rare. Pact magic was most common in the empire of Thray where it was linked to the royal bloodline as the line thinned so did the number of warlocks. With the fall of the empire the number of warlocks has risen within the old Kingdoms but they are almost unknown else where. A few elves accepted other worldly patronage to try and escape the burning, but few survived.


Wizards were extremely common among the elves of the elven kingdoms, however, as magic increased the spread of the conflagration many died and few of the survivors use their magic for fear of reactivating the plague. Humans, dwarves, gnomes and Halflings may have picked up many secrets of magic from the deserted elven towns.