Factions in Archaemia

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There are a large number of factions within Archaemian society: some are little more than mercenary brotherhoods or street gangs while others are more sinister, such as the Enfari. All guard their secrets carefully and have complex relationships with other factions: from blood feuds to staunch allies.

  • The Brotherhood of the Eternal Vigil
  • The Crimson Tide
  • The Enfari
  • The Gheribean Legion
  • The Sons of Zeleka


Many of Archaemia's military revere Bane in his guise as the Iron General, and a large temple is dedicated to him in Thulemar. However, Erathis is also popular and many magic users pay their respects to Asmodeus and Vecna. Many of those that dwell near the Hell-swamp of the Zargrash also worship Melora.

With the repressive nature of Archaemian society being what it is, many worship other gods in secret, both evil and good. Not all the religions get along with one another - priests of Bane go out of their way to persecute those of Sehanine, citing the war in Nilambur as both a provocation and justification.