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Skills available for training:

Craft(any armor or weapon) 
Craft(mechanical trap)
Use Magical Device

Alchemical Items you can craft:

You can craft as much as 40gp x your total modifier on Craft(alchemy) per period of downtime. See Pathfinder's equipment webpage for details on each item’s price.


Alchemical Grease

Alchemical Solvent

Alchemist’s Kindness

Beffudler (a pungent liquid that applies a -2 penalty on Int, Wis and Cha-based rolls for 1min, Fort DC15 negates, 25gp)

Fireworks (all kinds) : these are powerful projectile weapons

Gas, Gnomish Sleep

Grenade, fuse : this is a potent explosive

Ink (all kinds)

Liquid Ice

Marker dye

Oil, Alchemist’s Fire

Oil, Keros

Ooze grease

Powder, Flash : these are good for escaping purposes

Powder, Itching

Powder, Sneezing

Powder, Enfeebling (acrid powder that renders targets fatigued for 1min when inhaled, Fort DC15 negates, 30gp)


Smelling Salts

Smoke pellet : these are good for escaping purposes



Tanglefoot Bag : these are very good for immobilizing an oppponent



Vermin repellent

Water Purification Sponge

Crafting Traps

You can use Craft(mechanical trap) to build mechanical traps if you have at least 2 ranks in Knowledge(engineering). Some of them require prior assembly before they can be brought to the field, others can be built on the spot in a very short time (5-10min). For the latter, the materials you will need are listed. Often you’ll need a trapsmith kit (includes wires, nails springs and other small gizmos).

If you have them at hand, you may add poisons or alchemical substances to the trap, as long as they are feasible. You can also invent your own traps from materials you have at hand.

Depending on your total modifier on the skill, you are able to build traps of different complexity. For every point your total modifier is higher than the required to build a certain trap, you can increase its Perception and Disable Device checks by 1 point as well.

The following lists available traps by total modifier necessary on Craft(mechanical trap), and the materials you ned to set it up:

5Alarm (rope or string, 1 bell per 10ft of string or rope) Perception or Disable DC20. triggers bells, Ref DC15 to avoid.

5Tripwire (rope) Perception DC16. Ref DC15 to avoid falling prone.

5Arrow Trap (a crossbow & crossbow bolts, trapsmith kit)

5 - Poisoned Dart Trap (blowgun, darts, trapsmith kit)

5 - Swinging Axe Trap (a work axe or battleaxe, trapsmith kit) can be substituted for any kind of sharp weapon

5Tresspasser’s Boot (wood, saw, several pointed objects the size of darts)

7Dispenser (any breakable pellet, powder, poison or liquid substance in a container; trapsmith kit) Perception or Disable DC25. Ref save to avoid, but use DC of substance for the effect.

7Scorcher (Keros oil, flint and steel, trapsmith kit) Perception or Disable DC25. 2d6 fire damage in 5ft radius, Ref DC15 for half damage.

7Net trap (a net, rope) Perception DC25. Ref DC20 to avoid becoming entangled.

7Spear Trap (a spear, trapsmith kit)

7Javelin Trap (a javelin, trapsmith kit)

7Rock Deadfall (several rocks of at least Small size, trapsmith kit)

7Rigged Rope bridge (no material needed, you just know how to weaken one and conceal the tampering).

7Bear Trap (must be built during downtime)

9 – Door Spikes (a door, pointed objects at least 1ft in length, trapsmith kit)

9 – Deadfall (several rocks of at least Small size, trapsmith kit)

13Scorcher, Great (3 flasks of Keros oil, flint and steel, trapsmith kit) Perception or Disable DC25. 5d6 fire damage in 10ft radius, Ref DC17 for half damage.

More traps to come!!


Each feat's skill point cost is listed between parenthesis.

Improvised Materials (4) Prerequisite: Int 15, Knowledge(engineering) 4. You can use seemingly innocuous and everyday objects to surprising effect. Whenever you are short of any tools kit or raw materials, as long as you can make use of items found in a household or an armory, you can scrap up enough materials to make use of skills that otherwise would need them. This allows you to substitute for the need of a trapsmith kit, alchemical supplies or any kind of tool that could be used to grant a bonus to a skill.

You can only make use of this ability for one single purpose in a given situation (you cannot substitute for multiple different kits or for crafting multiple traps, for instance).

Craft Bomb (4) Prerequisite: Craft(alchemy) 4 ranks, have personally made Alchemist’s Fire and a Fuse Grenade. You can use a special combination of substances to produce a volatile bomb. Such bombs must be triggered on the spot by combining the substances together, which requires someone with at least 4 ranks in Craft(alchemy) to handle, and must be thrown until the next round or become inert. It takes a move action to prepare the bomb, and a ranged attack to throw it, which has a range of 20ft.

It deals 1d6 + Int modifier of fire damage on a direct hit, and 5ft radius splash damage of 1+ Int modifier (minimum damage) with Ref save for half damage (DC 10 + half number of ranks in Craft(alchemy) + Int mod). With more training, more powerful bombs can be made.

These bombs have a cost of 50gp for the purposes of crafting them through alchemy during downtime.

Minor Artifice (6) Prerequisite: Int 14, Knowledge(engineering) 4 ranks, Knowledge(arcana) 4, Craft(alchemy) 4 ranks. You learn to apply your knowledge of the laws of the world and magic to craft magical items.

You can craft minor devices that can generate a spell effect equivalent to a 0-level spell (of any spell list). See here for a list of spells. Devices that provide defensive benefits must always be worn to function, and devices cannot be used to effect physical transformations on the wielder.

You can always manipulate your devices skilfully, but other users must succeed on a Use Magical Device check DC 15 (a roll of 1 means the device breaks down and no longer works). A device can be activated safely once every 5 rounds. If anyone attempts to use it sooner than that, he must succeed on a Use Magical Device check DC 20, +1 for every additional time the device is used before it has recovered. A failed roll means the device breaks down and no longer works.

You can build one device per downtime.

Artifice Level I (6) Prerequisite: Int 14, Knowledge(engineering) 5 ranks, Knowledge(arcana) 5, Craft(alchemy) 5 ranks. You can now build devices that generate effects equivalent to 1st-level spells.