Economy of Enea

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No human cultures in Enéa are sophisticated enough to mint coins. Instead, they use leftover coins from vanished ancient civilizations, mainly old Latian coins. The value of these coins is not fixed; they are worth only as much as their weight in the precious metal.

Whenever PCs discover coins, the DM will secretly roll to see how worn down the coins are (the debasement roll). Ordinarily, PCs will not learn the true value of their coins until they try to spend them; however, certain backgrounds, such as Guild Artisan, will allow you to roll for appraisal (Int + Proficiency bonus).

Starting gold is not subject to debasement.

The most common coins and their "face" value are:

Latian Bronze sestertius: a coin worth 1 copper piece each. Early ones are stamped with the face of the Emperor, but later ones have a hole in the middle, off-centre, and the name of the Emperor on the other side. These later coins are likely to be made of brass, but their base value is the same.

Silver Denarius: a Latian coin worth 1 silver piece. It is stamped with the Emperor's face and the date of the most recent conquest on the other side

Hacksilver: Some Spearfolk wear bracelets of silver and will cut pieces off to pay for goods or services. These pieces are usually worth 1 silver piece, though it is possible to cut smaller pieces off, worth 5 copper pieces. Hacksilver is never subject to debasement

Gold Denarius: an imitation of a Latian denarius, but made of gold and minted in the East. People who have visited Oryor often carry these. It is stamped with a phrase from a sacred text on one side and the name (never the face) of a sultan on the other side. It is worth 1 electrum piece.

Gold Aureus: an older Latian coin. It is usually so worn that its base value is only 1 electrum piece.

Gold Solidus: a newer Latian coin that is worth 1 gold piece.

There are no coins of copper, electrum, or platinum in the human world, but nonhuman cultures may have any number of strange currencies.

Gems and art objects are never subject to debasement.