Durie's Diary from Inchcolm

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Durie’s Diary from Inchcolm

Is a small leather bound religious diary almost certainly hundreds of years old, it is very fragile. Written on the inside front cover is:

When he who passes in the Darkness comes again, the walls shall shake. The illusion shall crumble and man, cringing in terror, shall destroy himself rather than face the gods in battle.

• Is a monk on Inchcolm. • During the reformation Durie is very worried to see the church rip itself apart, he begins to have doubts in his faith. • He wishes he was stronger like the other monks and pleads with god to send him a sign to validate his worship. • Starts having strange dreams about a great power approaching the earth soon and assumes it is god trying to contact and lead him. • Tells the abbot about his thoughts and dreams and how this power is approaching. • The abbot deems this blasphemous and sacrilegious and locks him away in the underground religious archives of the abbey on bread and water where he will have to read and study to serve a penitence for his thoughts. The only person he has any contact with for the next 4 months is a young monk named Bruce, he is charged with delivering Durie’s meals. • While in the archive he begins to converse with this entity. Calls it “He who passes in the Darkness” It teaches him much and he starts work on his book “The untitled teachings of Lachlan Durie”. He falls under its sway. • He learns many secrets and of the existence of “The Daemon Sultan Azathoth” and how if the stars are right then a gateway can be opened to the court of Azathoth at the centre of the universe. • The passing of “He who passes in the Darkness” is the key to opening the gate. • He begins to communicate with “He who passes in the Darkness” who will send a sign of his coming and approval of Durie’s work, Durie realises that his old god was false and unrewarding and gets the sense that he has been wasting his time worshipping a false idol. • Durie performs a ritual to attract the entity to Inchcolm. • A comet strikes Inchcolm destroying much of the abbey both from impact and fire. This traps Durie underground as the abbey collapses on top of him and kills many of the monks. • Durie is forgotten about and he begins to starve, he prepares for his own death and curses his wasted life worshipping God. • He tries to dig his way through the rubble and dust but is too weak. • As he is about to give up and he is delirious a voice in his head appears and seems to guide him through the dark. • He comes upon two monks, Bruce and another who has killed in the disaster, Bruce is barely alive and Durie begins a ritual taught to him by “He who passes in the Darkness” and feasts on their corpse of the dead monk, he then decides to feed the dying Bruce some of the flesh and Bruce too heals and becomes well again. • Durie’s strength increases as he embraces his new diet and he feels super human, He is able to find more corpses of his former brothers and consumes them, Bruce however is appalled by the cannibalism and he leaves the island. Durie starts to spend his days eating and writing his book and lives by eating the corpses of the dead monks. He writes by day then digs at night searching for the fragment of the comet that must still be here after it fell. • The monks have abandoned the abbey and that he is alone there. He also can feel the presence of the fragment of something else brought to earth with it. • He is only one man and his search is proving very hard indeed, he has run out of corpses to eat and he is feeling very weak. • He decides to leave the island in search of another meal. • He feasts on a local farm girl and is about to go back to Inchcolm. • On the way back he sees lights approaching in a number of boats and realises that the game is up, the monks are returning in great numbers. He knows he will have to answer for his crimes and that the remains of the monks he ate are there for all to see. He flees back to the mainland, and watches as the monk’s burn the abbey to the ground. • That night he is inconsolable, his book was on the island now lost to him and he feels like he has been abandoned again by his new god, while sleeping in a barn he has another dream this time of another fragment falling towards an ancient stone tower. • He decides to set off to locate it.