Dr. Jacobs

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Dr. Esther Jacobs

Brought onboard to help with an autopsy and just kind of never left, she has become fascinated by the occult.

I had kind of pictured Esther living alone, probably in a small rented flat located conveniently for whichever bits of the University she spends most time at, so probably a halfway decent (though far from 'dressy' part of town. Most likely has a housekeeper (part-time rather than full-time/live-in) who comes to keep the place tidy between midmorning and noon.

I don't recall whether or not I remembered to roll for Esther's wealth, but I don't think I did - it would be an influence on her background, but I don't have a whole lot of details of her past in mind. I see her as a fairly self-centred character, rather eager for her own advancement and frustrated by the fact that being a woman in the 1920s raises barriers that her male colleagues don't have to deal with. Her interest in such an obscure field - the occult in general, and cryptozoology/parapsychology in particular - stems not from past personal experiences but from the fact that it's a sparsely-populated field with a shallower talent pool, and thus one where she's more likely to be taken on her own talents and merits and where she has more of a chance to make her mark. She's got into the field *really* looking for something that, in the end, she can publish and put her name to - but something explicable, reproducable, 'scientific' in a way that she's starting to discover Mythos occurrences really are not.