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At present there are three active fronts on the war to retake Telos from rebel forces, the Shogun front, the east Babel front and the west Babel front.

Shogun Front

The forces on this front are currently under the command of General Mendez and consist of PDF units from Vaga and Aquatica. They have managed to push the enemy forces back to their home city and have currently started to lay seige. However, the cities defences are far to strong for the current forces to be able to crack and it could be several years before the defenders can be starved out. At present General Mendez has requested reinforcement from her home city, however, given its exhaused state they may be a long time coming. Guard forces and PDF from other cities are currently being routed to other fronts so it is unlikely the postion will change in the short term. Luckely at present it seems that the enemy forces are content to remain in the city and are not at present making any attempt to break out.

East Babel Front

This theatre is controlled by General Starling and consists of Guard forces from the first and second wave as well as PDF units from New Valhalla and Gotham. This front was stalled for a year due to the mine field left by the retreating Babel forces, since these were cleared teh front has made a cautious advance and has recently made contact with the Babel outer forces which have been driven back easily. However, their supply lines are still weakened by the remaining mines and increasing Ork raids slowing the advance further.

West Babal Front

This is the most dynamic of the current theatres and is joint commanded by Generals Knight and Summerfield. The combined Guard and Aquatica PDF have pushed forward from the coast and in a large battle broke the Babel forces stationed to stop them. The Babel forces are currently in full retreat and the loyalists are raceing to destroy them before they regroup.

There are currntly 5 hive cities in loyalist hands, below are details: -


Gotham has suffered greatly in the conflict so far, it was beseiged for most of the war and it is estimated that over 50% of its population died during that time. Although support is currently being provided from New Valhalla and Aquatica it is likely to be several years if not a decade or more before things returned to normal. Its PDF, mostly volunteirs protecting their own families are all veterains at city fighting and may proove useful when it comes to taking the chaos held cities, however, they are disorganised and it may be some time before they can be shipped to other fronts.

New Valhalla

The capital of Telos has come out of the war so far reletively unscaved. It has been attacked by Katham forces but the damage has been repaired and compaired to its population it has had to produce releltively few PDF units. It continues to provide support to most of the rest of the cities and contains the central Guard and PDF command and control for the whole war. The majority of reserve and R&Ring troops are based in New Valhalla.


Vaga has faught hard in the war so far throwing its full resources behind the attack against Shogun. However, it suffered some damage in the war and is reaching end of its resources. Much of its population has been inducted into the PDF and almost all of the remainder work to provide support and equipment for the armies. It has little remaining to give to the war and is now forced to rely on support from the more intact cities much to its chargrin.


The city of Aquatica has suffered the least physically from the war so far. However, socially it has suffered from quickly converting from Food to armament production. As a proportion of its population it has consripted twice as many troops as New Valhalla and is starting to find it difficult to provide further reinforcements. If the war continues for much longer it may find itself unable to keep up its current obligations.


Over 90% of the city and its population were destroyed in its liberation from the rebel forces, despite aid from the remaining cities it is unlikely that the city will play any further part in the war and may have to be totally abandoned as it remains an echo of the chaos forces previously within.