Black Mandragora

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Black Mandragora - the ones who wait in the shadows.

Black Mandragora have glossy black scales that render them almost invisible in darkness and near darkness. Amongst Mandragora society there are rumours of an ability to literally disappear into the shadows - whether this is true or not, the Black Mandragora are certainly not telling. Their eyes tend to be sensitive to bright lights, and they prefer to dwell in damp and dank areas, such as the marshes and subterranean areas where the light is diffuse or non-existent. They have red or green eyes, and have two vestigial horns on their heads. They are quiet and tend to speak only when spoken to. Their voices are harsh with a very strong, sibilant dialect that carries a great distance. This quality of their voices makes it difficult for other Mandragora to understand them.

The Black Mandragora are powerful swimmers, and have webbing on their hands and feet. They are capable of remaining underwater for up to an hour, and their wings and tails enable them to move through the water at great speed. They are also the most graceful fliers of the Mandragora, and view themselves as the undisputed masters of the air. Black Mandragora wear a short kilt and a loose vest-like garment, called a h’imorr. The h’imorr is belted at the waist, and Black Mandragora often hang tools and weapons from it. The h’imorr is normally black or dark in colour, and it is common for the garment to have concealed pockets. In combat, the Blacks prefer to use light stabbing weapons that can be used underwater.

Hot-tempered and abusive, these Mandragora are known for their frequently violent outbursts of fury that can lead to huge brawls or duels. It widely believed by Mandragora society that Black Mandragora do not sulk - they just look for something to break. Mainly, they rely on simple intimidation to get their point across, and they rarely indulge in diplomacy. They prefer to keep to their own company, and respect each other’s personal space. Black Mandragora are stealthy and deadly hunters, and they are valued for their scouting abilities. The nobility of Lonaraban uses them as assassins and thieves, and a number of Noble houses keep a Black Mandragor on retainer as a “special security adviser”.