Auld Reekie Session 8

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Two months have passed since the events on Shetland and several stories in the newspaper are of interest during this time. The kidnapping have all but ceased and the Tuesday night Club seem to have gone underground. The investigators occupy their time with various past times, some opting to return to normal life in order to get some sanity back others spend the time reading and studying the mythos books that the group has accumulated. Towards the end of july the wedding of Professor Fotheringshaw to Rhona Urquart takes place and all the investigators attend.

Shortly after the wedding reception and subsequent departure on honeymoon of Professor Fotheringshaw, the investigators return to the Douglas Townhouse to carry on drinking and share memories of the eminent professor, the whisky is flowing and soon Victoria and Stevenson are feeling the effects of the liquor. Suddenly the electricity to the house goes out, this is not an uncommon occurrence and Douglas heads off on the hunt for some candles. After much merriment an inebriated Greg thinks he spots someone lurking in the bushes opposite Douglas’s house and musters the group to check it out. As the investigators prepare to head outside armed with a couple of large candelabras dug out by Douglas. The two seamen are heading down the stairs when suddenly their candles are blown out by a sudden gust of wind blowing up from the hallway, in the resulting commotion both Victoria and Dr Jacobs stumble and fall down the stairs into the hall. The wind in the hallway picks up and the pictures on the wall and the coats on the hatstand start to fly round the room, in the gloom the investigators begin to realise they are not alone in the hall. There is a strange jet black shape in the hall only discernible in contrast to the normal darkness surrounding it, Greg fully appreciates the alien nature of the entity and breaks down mentally needing to be helped back up the stair by Salty Jim. The entity heads towards the two women in the hall and they both rush back up the stairs while being buffeted by the debris flying through the air. Douglas arrives on the scene and immediately recognises the entity as similar to something that he had encountered before and rushes upstairs to Fotheringshaw’s bedroom. Meanwhile Salty Jim drags Greg into a bedroom and hears voices outside to the rear of the property. The entity advances up the stairs just as the front door of the property is broken in. The investigators retreat up the stairs again trying to get away from the powerful wind. Douglas appears on the landing with one of Fotheringshaw’s powerful camera flashes and blasts the creature with a burst of light. This blinds the two figures in the hall and sends the entity back down the stairwell. Seizing the moment Douglas rushes down the stair and gives the intruders both barrels of his shotgun killing them both instantly. In the bedroom after an exchange of gunfire several figures are seen running out the back of the house carrying something large.

Once the dust has settled it turns out the two bodies are Robert Clarkson and Demitri Passelov, both members of the Tuesday Night Club but more importantly Fotheringshaw’s copy of The Revelations of Glaaki has been stolen.

The investigators spend the next few days trying to tidy up the mess of the house and talking to the police and the press about the events of the previous night. They are all assembled in the dining room when Professor Lewellan a colleague of Professor Clarkson’s from the University Theology Department arrives with a collection of Clarkson’s unopened mail thinking that it might have some information pertinent to the investigation.Among the papers the investigators find a letter from Professor Winchester of Glasgow University Archaeology Department and how this might relate to a recent incident involving fishermen in the North Atlantic, fishing vessel finds treasure in net

The investigators do some digging and come to the conclusion that Winchester isn’t directly involved with the cult but could be a valuable source of information. They find this advert in the paper and decide to head to Glasgow to meet with Winchester and perhaps sign up for his expedition. The investigators manage to talk their way onto the expedition fulfilling a variety of rolls on board the ship, they spend the next couple of weeks undertaking a crash course in deep sea diving with varying degrees of success.

The Azure Dove sets sail out of Glasgow and after several days plain sailing arrives at the site where the fishing vessel trawled up the Viking artefacts As they arrive at the dive site another vessel is spotted a short distance off the port side, the crew sends a rowing boat towards the vessel, it seems deserted but the group find 4 bodies barricaded inside the mess. The bodies seem to have been frozen to death and are almost rock solid, they also find the body of another man on the captains table, it has been dissected and had its chest opened up as if to be examined and a number of its organs are missing. The vessel is lying low in the water though and the fishing equipment on board has all rusted up indicating that it hasn’t been used for fishing in a long time. The investigators soon start examining the structure of the boat and after finding what he thinks is a hollow wall Greg kicks a hole in it. This reveals a secret outer hull and a large space following the outside of the ship. As Greg explores he hears someone scuttling along the space trying to get away from the breach, Greg and Salty Jim corner the terrified man, subdue him and bring him back to the surface.

They investigate the rest of the ship and find that the number of crew does not match up to the number of slept in bunks, ther is one more crew member than bunks. They start to suspect the only survivor might have had something to do with the events that unfolded here. Dr Jacobs talks with the man Jamessmith who seems unhinged somewhat and he gets several facts wrong when trying to answer questions posed to him, Dr Jacobs get strange feelings regarding Jamessmith and begins to think that some of his answers are almost programmed into him?

The other search the rest of the boat and find a log book belonging to a Captain Mabbat. They decide to bring Jamessmith back to the dive boat as their captive and secure him in one of the cabins. They elect not to tell the crew what they have found and Dr Jacobs disposes of the corpses while the others attend a large dinner put on by Winchester prior to the first set of dives tomorrow...