Atos Rad

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Magical garrotte belonging to the Black Goat. Intelligence 9, Chaotic, communicates empathetically and has the special purpose of undermining authority. It is the bane of giants, warriors and wizards: against giants it has an expanded crit range (19-20); against warriors it gets +2 to hit and damage; and wizards must must make a DC15 save or die. It can read the languages minotaur, pixie, orc, chaotic and wolf. It can detect water within 40' and oozes within 70'. It also drains d4 XP from targets with each hit; this XP is retained by the garrotte, not given to the wielder.

Atos Rad was part of The Black Goat's collection of treasures. Catherine the Cutthroat met Her in an unusually generous mood, and was given Atos Rad in return for pledging to serve The Black Goat, becoming Patron Bound to Her.