Arcane spells

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0-level (1 skill point for 2 spells)

For those trained both in Knowledge(arcana) and Spellcraft. These are spells that you have learned through day-to-day practice, and have commited the formula to memory (can be cast without needing to be read).

Prerequisite: Spellcraft 2 ranks

Heat Water Heats water to boiling point (1min for 2 pints volume)

Resize Resizes any non-magical object, refitting it to one size smaller or larger.

Fleeting Fame Clothing, apparel and physical appearance seems well-kept and stylish, grants +2 bonus on next Bluff or Diplomacy for 1min.

Ghost Sound Creates illusory sound.

Amanuensis Copies length of text to another substrate.

Stick Glues object up to 5lb to another object.

Spark Ignites flammable object in close range, as if using flint and steel.

Mage Hand 5-pound telekinesis

Dancing Lights Creates magical lights controlled by the caster.