Forum is now live!

It’s been quite a long slog to get here, but the new forum is now online at
The wiki remains the same at but I’ve added some pages detailing Edinburgh gaming and also the Roleplaying Archive to itself (final appearance is pending!).

You’ll need to reset your password at – the old Joomla system used a different password has to store its password and your password is still securely stored (it just won’t work with the phpBB3 forum). You can also PM and even email directly (although the email address is hidden).

There’s still a few few things to sort out:
– General appearance, images etc.
– Discord Webhooks
– Wiki bridge

What didn’t transfer:
– Old forum avatars – they were hard-wired in and didn’t come across.
– Old usernames didn’t translate. it’s your full name.
– Signatures and other user prefs will need to be recreated.