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This game will use a modified version of the Fate system as used in various games such as spirit of the century.

In this system there are three types of ability, Skills, stunts and Aspects.


Skills are groups of abilities and resources that everyone can have at ranks between 5 (Superb) and 1 (Average), there are about 25 skills and each player will have points in 16 of them so your characters are quite larger than life and powerful compared to your average person on the street.


These are specific abilities such as types of trick shooting or a photographic memory. There are lots in the system but you can create specific ones for your character.


There are the core of the system. Each aspect is a specific term which applies to your character, they can be used at any time to give a boost to a roll or to provide an ability. For instance if your character has the 'Strong as an Ox', aspect you could use the aspect to boost an attempt to lift a car off a trapped colleague; or the 'Girl in every port' aspect could allow you to always have an ally regardless of where you are. Using aspects cost story points which can be earned by the GM using your aspects against you: for instance the 'fought in the war' aspect could give you a boost to weaponry use, history, or allies who fought alongside you, but could be used by the GM to give you flash backs, or to have you be tracked down by someone on the other side. Once again, there are a lot of these in the system but its recommended that you create your own unique ones.


Day Job - For my game many of the players will not be full-time spies they will have a day job, or if they are a spy full-time, a day cover. This is what they do when not spying, and will control what skills and abilities they have.

Faction - CLARISA is split between Eastern and Western factions which can at times be antagonistic toward each other. Each player will create an Eastern and Western character and parties will always contain a member from each faction.

Type - Although the system does not have classes the characters will be divided into specialities: this is important as each mission briefing (see below) will mention specific types needed for a mission. Each character can fall into more than one type if they so wish. The types are: -

Seducer - These are social spies, they specialise in using the force of their personality to find out what they want and to get other people to do what they want.

Infiltration - These are sneaky spies, they specialise into by passing security and getting into and out of enemy structures.

Assassin - These spies are skilled at killing people, the actual method of killing may vary from individual to individual, from snipers to martial artists to poisoners.

Expert - These spies are the most varied, they have a specific unusual skill such as a scientist or an art historian.

Military - These spies are good overall fighters and can use a range of weapons, they may also be knowledgeable in tactics and leadership

Saboteur - These spies specialise in destroying equipment and locations either by the use of explosives or more subtle methods.

Mission Briefings

Each session of the campaign will have an event on the ORC web site which will be set out in a 'Mission Impossible' style. It will provide intelligence on the mission, where its taking place and what skills will be required, for example.


NAME: A lead in Sin City

LOCATION: Las Vegas, Western Block

BACKGROUND: Bobbie Dinozzo is the manager of a large Hotel / Casino complex in Las Vegas. He is believed to be a member of an organised crime group in the city. Following investigation by other teams, Bobbie is believed to be an important member of SHADOW: his casino is used to both launder money for SHADOW but also to provide funding for various other branches and may be used as a meeting point to pass instructions on to other cells. It is vital to CLARISA's mission that he be captured and interrogated for any information he may hold about SHADOW operations. Bobbie rarely leaves the Twilight Casino that he is the owner of, it is likely that the team will either have to abduct him from his property or entice him to leave for some reason.

OBJECTIVE: Extract Bobbie Dinozzo and obtain from him any information he might have on the SHADOW organisation.

TEAM: 3-6 members of any type