January 2085

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Tonight's Headlines on GNN Scotland.

Riots subside as local law enforcement quell unrest and anarchy and return order to Cameron Toll.

Renfield Mall siege ends - government forces regain situation from terrorist cell. The terrorist individuals responsible for the deaths and property damage during the Edinburgh Riots are condemned by a New Earth Government spokesman.

Riot ringleader and anarchist, David Nichols, sought by NEG forces. An extreme sanction warrant has been issued, and all loyal citizens are requested to report any sighting of this individual.

Fire destroys flagship building: the Fielding Building was completed in 2084 with innovative new designs and technologies. Law enforcement spokesmen are investigating what they are calling suspicious circumstances.

Chrysalis Corporation have today promised humanitarian aid to all those who lost who lost homes and possessions in the recent riots, as part of their "Building a better tomorrow" initiative.

In other news:

Homicide detectives are investigating the multiple shooting in the Southside Arcology. An apparent "drive by" shooting its understood that those involved may have had links to organised crime in the Southside, but officials have failed to comment on a possible gang involvement in the killings. It is believed that the same individuals are linked to the destruction of a night club in the Leith district, known as the Red Light Club. Investigations are continuing.