Enemy Within - Session 9

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Weissbruck was being plagued by a vile bloodsucking spider again. Piotr was back having coincidentally (we assured the townsfolk) renewed his reign of bloodsucking as we arrived in town again.

Everyone had fun playing with fireworks, but as always to actually take out evil we had to get our boots muddy. Piotr was finally laid to rest along with Priscilla (almost). Tara learnt that you don't bring a dagger to a hand weapon fight and that though Priscilla may act like she's going to abandon you underground, she has a heart of gold really.

Overall, the gang learnt that splitting the party can have unintended consequences but as Piotr also split up into bite size chunks to take on the party it all worked out.

While Priscilla and Tara went underground to explore the dark cavern below Piotr's garden, Johann, Isla and Ludo continued the extreme garden makeover that began with the well bomb. When they heard screams from below and after fighting a creepy mini Piotr above ground they follwed Priscilla and Tara underground arriving just as Piotr began his assault on the tunnel they had trapped themelves in.

Piotr split into another two mini's and one carried on attacking Priscilla and Tara while the other attacked the reinforcements Ludo ended up with one foot in a grave(root) but despite hanging upside down by his ankle kept up a volley of slingshots as Tara and Isla fought first Piotr and then the grubs that came out of him. all the while another Mini Piotr attacked Priscilla and Tara seriously injuring priscilla before going to avenge his fallen babushka/spiderbrother.

Fortunately it was possible to defeat Piotr and once he was down we made short work of the vile chaos spawn. Then we smoked out some giant wasps.

I'm off belowdecks to try to get the mud off my chain mail.