Enemy Within - Session 7

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The party sailed down the Reik.

The journey was relatively peaceful, but tara kept hooting like an owl and crowing like a cock. No one (not even her) knew what she meant.

As the Beerbelly rounded a bend in the river a rowing boat came into sight. It's only crewman had been shot in the back as he rowed and so after giving him a river burial, the party continued on more cautiously. Somebody thought it was a good idea to let ludo have some lamp oil for throwing from the crow's nest so he was the first to see another boat moored across the river apparently abandoned.

The party tried to turn about to avoid a collision. Priscilla was thrown overboard and Grom ended up sitting on the rail with painful results. As Isla and Johann threw a rope to Priscilla, a trap was sprung!

From the abndoned boat three beastmen lept onto the now adjacent beer belly and attacked. Meanwhile a tentacled beast man tried to pull Priscilla back into the water. Johann and Isla pulled Priscilla up and eventually the beastman let go and began to trie to climb onto the boat. Blows from Johann and arrows from Priscilla only irritated the monster until Isla stepped forward and took its leg clean (messily)off with a blow from her longsword. MEanwhile, Tara had charged the beastmen boarding party with Grom firing a crossbow while ludo threw rocks and eventually the sling itself from the crow's nest. In the end, Priscilla shot one through the spine exploding it as it attacked Grom hand to claw. Tara cut the face and Groin off another while Johann charged a fourth that had been about to finish off the captain.

The fight over the party moved to secure the boat which the beastmen had daubed with a crown symbol. The boat contained little of value witht the exception of the life of Renata, a Pedlar who had hidden during the attack by the beastmen. She indicated that they had been looking for someone called Castor Lieberung (aka hairy sieb) and an Ernest Hedelman. The boat's owners could not be traced - the beastmen had filed of the serial number and the only survivor did not know their identity. The party decided to commandeer the boat to ensure that it did not fall into the wrong hands again and appointed priscilla as Captain. The now renamed Purple Queen then continued up the river stopping at The Wayfarers Rest in by Castle Vonsaponatime for the night.

Grom stayed on the boat looking after Ludo's beer supply and keeping watch while Ludo and isla went to the rest to ask about the market for wool and have an inconspicuous drink. The night was cut short when an old enemy Adolphus Kristoff appeared on the scene, possibly looking for them. They sailed off at night fortunately avoiding an epic night chase when his sails broke.

Kristoff did the party a favour in a way, guards had been about to come after Tara for wasting police time when she tried to follow a strangely forgettably familiar person (last seen at the Four coaches in in Altdorf) into the castle and told the guardsthey had accosted her. The guard captain, a sceptical sort of fellow did not buy this and sent her packing but when word got back to the mystery guard/grandee/randombarpatronnumber2 of the slanders being spread by Tara who knows how he might have reacted?

The next day the found a non chaos town to stop in. Johann went horse trading, the party bought some more gear and Priscilla went to a trustworthy dwarf artisan to get the ship customised with an underwater figurehead and some soup compartments. The Job was reasonably priced but would take a few days to complete. What could go wrong in the meantime.....