Enemy Within - Session 1

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The party left Delberz in the hopes of richer pickings in Altdorf. Johann actually believed in the job offer but Ludo and Fritz's canny business minds told them that there must be some money to be made and no one had any better offers in Altdorf.

During a convivial night at a local Inn, while Ludo inspected the accomodation with an accomodating barmaid, the rest of the gang met some possible travelling companions in the persons of a snooty noble, her amazonian bodyguard and two drunken coachmen.

Unfortunately, despite cutting quite the dash in the inn's stableyard, the coach of uncompromising sloth was soon outpaced by Buttercup's cart and the coachmen were left behind as the party strode into the woods.

After a bloody encounter with some mutants who were feasting on another coach and a potentially awkward encounter with some remarkably uncurious roadwardens, the party were pursued to a lonely inn by some bestial creatures.

Otto the innkeeper started off friendly enough, but his cooking poisoned Seib and Priscilla, and Ludo knew the meat didn't taste quite right. Acting with heroic fortitude, Johann led the party in a fiery assault upon a sinister denizen of the hayloft that seemed to be feasting above the horses then frightened Otto into accidentally revealing the secret trapdoor beneath the Inn. The party went down led by a bound, gagged Otto who was learning that treachery towards guests could bring punishments in this life too.