DeathBot Chainsaw

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This is a spare part for one of S'lissakk's DeathBots, recovered from the wreck of his spacecraft. It requires power to function properly, but was not designed to be connected directly to a power source. Some crude but effective adapter cables were commissioned from a smith in Lankhmar.

Two-handed weapon (d16 initiative die). Does d8 damage when unpowered. Does 2d6+1 when powered. Has no on/off switch; if a power cell is attached, the motor runs (and is very loud). Attaching a power cell requires an Intelligence check, with DCs as follows:

10 – get the motor running for careful (i.e. non-combat) use; cell will disconnect if moved suddenly.

15 – get the motor running for more robust use (i.e. combat)

20 – a character that makes a DC20 Intelligence check when interacting with the chainsaw gains an understanding of its workings and no longer needs to roll to get it powered.