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Gates to the Shadowfell were opened within the Undercity of Koshrak’s View, possibly as a diversion from the theft of the scroll. After fighting off two Shadow Mastiffs and a Greater Shadow, the PCs narrowly survived an assassination attempt by two Black Mandragora.

The group sets out for Hammerfall Pass, en route to Taldan, where they hope to find a guide or a clue to some of the places mentioned in the Dwarrowdelve Scroll. Taking rooms in the Last Drop Inn, the group hears that bodies have been vanishing from the large necropolis on the hill, and decide to investigate. When the group hears the howling of worgs on the wind they prepare themselves as three worgs prowl closer through the mist. In the combat that follows the worgs are dispatched, although Tonrar voices the belief that the worgs were not responsible for the grave-robbing. The following night the group maintains a vigil near a fresh grave. Their patience is rewarded when a pale figure rears up showering soil over the party. The figure turns its burning gaze on Tonrar who suddenly turns on the party. In the ensuing mayhem, the undead escapes hiding itself in a crypt. The group – with a now clear-thinking Tonrar - follow cautiously. They find a narrow tunnel winding into the depths of the earth. Tonrar decides to squeeze down there, crawling on his belly through the mud – when he is faced by the enraged undead he retreats at speed!

Chewey pulls him free, just as taloned claws grab at Tonrar's feet – the Dwarven Ranger hurls a flask of oil and a lantern down the tunnel as the group rushes away. There is a huge explosion behind the PCs and the ground sinks in a 200 foot circle around the crypt.