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Present; Davon, Feidlimid, Kyra, Logan, and Starcrash.

The party left the main Proximus d branch of Ninth Galactic Bank. Bank manager Frederich Oval had suggested finding a place to stay, maybe exploring the nightlife, going to the shipyard in the morning, returning to sign the paperwork, taking care of galactic registration (aka space MoT), and signing up with freight brokers Supremo, so they can be out hauling freight the next day. The time being 16.45, it was too late to visit the shipyard, so the party did some shopping. Feidlimid gave Davon, Logan, and Santini kCr10 each for sundries and went to spend kCr60 on computers and chips. Kya bought some armoured clothing. Starcrash went to buy weapons accessories. Davon unsuccessfully tried to buy medical equipment. The party returned to the TAS lodge and decided to stay in at night, being being responsible people with plans. Feidlimid used his computer to track down a weapons trader and sent a message.

The next morning, the party went to the shipyard to look yard, where Sven Eriksson showed them the ship. Davon asked if any previous lady pilots had damaged the ship while docking; Kyra, being a lady and the only competent pilot in the party managed to extract an apology. Feidlimid gave Starcrash his bank card and a shopping list. Starcrash and Davon went shopping, including arranging cyberware, buying everything on Feidlimid's list and kCr30 of other good stuff. Feidlimid and Kyra successfully made engineering and sensors rolls to find damage to the thrusters and the sensors. Feidlimid asks Sven about replacing the sensors, since its only kCr50. (The GM pauses to check the rules on the penalties for old ships. It doesn't seem right that the party can get 1d6% off the cost of the ship just for having damaged sensors that can be fixed for next to nothing, but the party have still to learn the real problem with the ship, so he decides to let this go.) Sven told Feidlimid and Kyra that some military guy had come around asking about Logan and Davon. The party had lunch with a weapons trader, arrange a dubious deal to have a slug rifle put in their TAS storage, and advised to avoid the rift since the sparse population makes it difficult to profitable trade. They then spent the afternoon buying more gear, including a broadsword for Davon and cyberware for Feidlimid, only realising in the early evening that they'd forgotten to return to the bank.

The party had dinner and then went out at night to see if they could arrange to buy some more weapons. Walking through a back tunnel after arranging a deal on a laser, they ran into Logan and Carpenter's rival, the bullying Colonel Alexander Haig, with a marine saber on his belt, his arms around to women, and two thuggish marines flanking him. Haig insulted Logan and Carpenter. Starcrash replied "You 'ladies' should be carefully, because these gentlemen all have herpes", provoking one of the marines to take a swing at him, and starting combat before either side remembered to roll recon to look for concealed weapons or other useful information. Haig successfully used tactics to boost his groups initiative, but the party failed to. A few rounds of combat followed. Notable events included a marine driving his fist ineffectually into Starcrash's armour, Feidlimid drawing his stunner and missing widely, Kyra trying to draw her sword from inside her bag, Haig chopping Kyra down in one blow, Starcrash convincing one of the stupid thugs to try to stop Haig or face the years in prison or the death penalty, one of the women surprising the party with a stunner and the skill to use it -quickly bringing down Feidlimid and then Starcrash when he picked up Feidlimid's stunner-, and Davon taking a few saber blows and declaring he'd been ready for a brawl not a shoot out and withdrawing. Colonel Haig, with int 5, unsuccessfully tried to make a pun on Rushmore and rushing away. The stunned characters awoke a few minutes later, and Davon returned within five minutes so that he could effectively administer first aid to everyone else. The station police arrived a few minutes later looking to arrest the party, since Haig had already reported they attacked him. They made some good rolls and were able to get the police to think their story was as credible as Haig's, despite his much higher social standing. The police were able to retrieve Feidlimid's stolen drone, with just the few minutes of footage around the time of the fight deleted, from a computer shop a few hours later. Agent Through (badge #52) told the party even if their version of events was true, they'd probably not win in court, because of Haig's high status, so they were lucky he was willing to let it go, and they should do likewise. Starcrash finished his night's work of sourcing an automatic grenade launcher, and the party went out to buy stunners first thing in the morning.

The party signed the paperwork to trade in their shipshares and take out a mortgage on the Beowolf in the morning. Feidlimid and Kyra agreed to accept their remaining bank balance in cash when the ship left Proximus d. Davon, the only party member he wasn't able to heal, stayed home to rest. Kyra went to register with Supremo, but found she couldn't because the Beowolf didn't have its galactic registration. Feidlimid used his streetwise skill to recruit numerous low berth passengers and four high-passage passengers for a station one parsec over; they were happy not to ask about galactic registration, since he wasn't asking too many questions either. Agent Santini "I don't roll under 13 on 2d6" Santini went to the galactic registration, quickly got a meeting agent Anna Cruise, learned that a MCr1.4 rescue air-raft was listed as officially part of the Beowolf's manifest and that the Beowolf couldn't legally take passengers, haul freight, or trade cargo without it, and was issued with a temporary permit allowing these activities while the Beowolf returned to the regional administration in High-Orbit Castle on the edge of the Little Rift; "Bye, Anna" he said as he left, breezing past the people waiting all day for an appointment and then day-after-day for paperwork to be processed in complicated cases. In the afternoon, Kyra found that the temporary permit still wasn't good enough to sign up with Supremo. Eventually, Feidlimid, Starcrash, and Davon were able to talk to Frederich Oval about the situation, who told them that everything had been in the paperwork and that they'd have to go to High-Orbit Castle and then across Little Rift to retrieve the air raft. Davon regretted that no one in the party had the Admin skill to notice this earlier. Mr Oval said the party should have expected there'd be three things wrong on a ship that was 30 years old.

The session ended in the early evening in game time. The Beowolf's passengers will be arriving the following afternoon. The party was hoping to try to find some freight or cargo overnight or in the morning and then head out.

Other than voice or video over comms, a major form of communication is space pagers. In the Traveller universe, THERE ARE NO LOWER CASE LETTERS ON COMPUTERS.