The Triplet Cities

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Players will play the role of Acolytes investigating and rooting out corruption in the Triplet cities of Hive World Archaos. For centuries now the imperial government has been subverted, undermined and corrupted by organized crime in the three capital cities. Inquisitor Cain Velasquez of the Ordo Hereticus sent a small team of investigators lead by Interrogator George St. Pierre to investigate how deep the corruption infected Archaos. A year later, Interrogator George St. Pierre has called in the full might of Inquisitor Cain Velasquez's Acolytes.

The Mission

Interrogator George St. Pierre has identified the first suspect to be apprehended immediately, a gang leader identified as Josh Koscheck. A raid has been organized immediately with the reluctant aid of the planet's Adeptus Arbites. Interrogator George St. Pierre assures that this is merely the first step in a larger investigation and as such that Koscheck is to be apprehended for questioning.

A moderately strong resistance is to be expected from the headquarters, but with the element of surprise on your hands losses should be minimal if any. The Interrogator is certain that evidence leading to other conspirators will be found on the premises.

The Cities

Übrifactorum, Firenest and Córdabia, the so called Triplet cities of Archaos.

Übrifactorum is the industrial sector of the city where the majority of the cities' inhabitants work. The city mass produces small utility parts that get shipped to other worlds to make larger weapons for the imperium. Cogs, valves, springs, screws and nails are amongst the most common products seen, although some factories make gun chambers and barrels. The sector has gone through numberless refinements and as such there many large districts that have gone into disuse since the parts they made were made redundant. Many of these derelict sites are homes to gangs, or have been redesigned to be gladiatorial pits and octagon battlefields a hundred kilometers in diameter. These fields are filled with cameras so citizens of the cities can kick back for some family-friendly mortal combat after a long day at the factory.

Firenest is the largest Hive of Archaos where all but the most wealthy live. The Hive very quickly ran out of space above ground, so it has burrowed deep down. The majority of the Hive is so far underground that its inhabitants do not see natural light except on special occasions like the Emperor's birthday. It is well known that the corrupt law enforcement shies away from the most dangerous neighborhoods and often the task of suppressing violent gangs falls under the purview of the Imperial Guard garrison stationed on the edge of Firenest. Those who do not commute to Übrifactorum for work can earn a living by working in the crafts, reinforcing levels so they do not collapse or robbing the homes of workers when they are on shift.

Córdabia is the wealthy city made on top of Firenest. The city is the seat of the great Court that rules over Archaos and as such everything is built in an extravagant manner. All desires are catered too in Córdabia, so long as the illusion of etiquette is not broken. At the edge of this opulent noble district lies the floating fortress of the Adeptus Arbites.

The Acolytes

Players will have a large pool of Acolytes to choose from. Included on the mission's roaster are:

Adept: Matt "The terror" Serra, Imperial Worlder

Arbitrators: Franky "The Answer" Edgar, Imperial Worlder and Yoshihiro Akiyama, Forge Worlder

Assassins: Martin "The Hitman" Kampman, Feral Worlder and Thiago "The Pitbull" Alves, Hive Worlder

Cleric: "The Prodigy" BJ Penn, Imperial Worlder

Guardsmen: Brian Stann, Imperial Worlder and Joe "Daddy" Stevenson, Imperial Worlder

Psykers: Jon "Bones" Jones, Imperial Worlder and Takanori "The Fireball Kid" Gomi, Forge Worlder

Scum: Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy, Imperial Worlder

Sisters of Battle: Kira Gracie Guimaraes and Shayna "The Queen of Spades" Baszler Tech-Priests Kenny Florian, Void Born and Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva, Hive Worlder