The Story so far

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The Meeting

The characters meet for the first time on the 1st April. They have all been called to help with a privately funded investigation by Lady Jane Simpson. The meeting was at the Arkham Grand, the largest and finest Hotel in Arkham. Despite their various appearances the characters are all let in at the door and shown to a function suite on the first floor. They chat and await for the latecomers to arrive. Just under an hour after the stated start time, Lady Jane Simpson swishes in still wearing her dress from the ball the night before, swigging from a glass of bubbly held in the left hand.

She says hi to the people present. She seems in good spirits, if slightly tipsy. Handing out the information on the missing children, the group have a chance to ask Jane a few questions.

They ask why she is funding this investigation. She says because it is important and the local cops lack interest in the case, but the PI knows she is lying.

She also tells the group about the house in Richmond she is renting for them and leaves them the keys. She gets her large and strong looking butler to come in with the first instalment of the characters' pay for the investigation.

The House that Richmond didn't Build, the first night.

The players go the house that Lady Jane has hired. The Tramp is taken by the Banker and the Professor to a tailor first so be can be dressed respectably. It turns out the Tramp doesn't want to be dressed quite as well as that and goes back to his old clothes as soon as he can.

At the house the assassin claims the biggest room and the PI checks out the place. Not a lot happens until the Professor arrives and tries to explore the cellar.

Other then discovering the cellar floor and walls are made from some smooth grey material, and it is worryingly dark, nothing much is learned about the cellar.

Along the way the PI picks up the name and favourite speak-easy of Lieutenant Detective Darryl Shimizu.

Later that evening the Tramp and the Professor go around the streets where the children had gone missing from to look for clues. While they were looking, they noticed that they where being followed. Attempting to get closer to the people shadowing them, the Professor is knocked unconsciousness and the Tramp flees back to the Richmond.

While this is going on the Banker, the Doctor's Daughter and the PI visit The Last Stand to speak to Lieutenant Detective Shimizu. The Detective is quite drunk and very bitter about the missing children case. He is unclear but says the case ended his career, refers to the Innsmouth Incident, corruption in the police, the related raids on Meadows Hill. He also says one of the cultist is currently at Arkham Sanatorium.

The assassin spends the evening also in the French Hill area. However his time he is looking for information on some Russians that have recently arrived. He finds out the Russians appear to be looking for him and where they are staying.

The Professor wakes to find the Man in White helping him. The man splashes some Snake Oil on the bruising and orders him a taxi back to Richmond - paying for it himself.