The Erilyan Calendar

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The Erilyan calendar is split into twelve months, each made up of thirty days. The week is split into seven days consisting of: Gods Day, Sun Day, Moon Day, Water Day, Earth Day, Fire Day, and Star Day.

The Erilyan calendar designates Gods Day as a day of rest, where citizens can worship their various gods. Festivals and holy days usually commence on the first Gods Day of any month. The months (and their festivals) are listed below


The passing of years

Erilyans (including Volkranians) mark the years according to the the appearance of the comet known at the Eye of the Gods. When this comet appeared in the sky, great changes appear to have be wrought upon the world of Duralyth - not always beneficial ones.

In Erilya, the comet heralded a war that saw the now decadent Nerovian Empire splinter into smaller states, including the city-states of the Eastlands and Volkrania. Most Dragons withdrew from the world of men, leaving few of their number behind. A number of doomsday cults flourished, many believing it was the end of the world. Famine and pestilence was rife. The Norland ice sheet spread south creating the Dagger Straits, allowing the Norlanders to make their first tentative contact with the inhabitants of Erilya.

Many prophecies tie the appearance of the comet to future events. The dates are usually written as the number of years since the appearance of the Eye of the Gods. The current campaign year is 733.