The Basement

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The Basement is the name of headquarters for Section 13, deep within the depths of the Castle Rock. Security is almost as tight as at the local OIS offices nearby. It has its own power supply being a former bomb shelter and can operate a complete lockdown should need be. Access is through a secure freight elevator in the Castle with a secondary vehicular exit onto Castle Terrace. The complex consists of a number of areas, arranged in a circular form around the hub:

  • Research & Forensics - these small labs are well-equipped for arcane use and technology, although nowhere near as well as an Ashcroft facility.
  • Holding Bay - a secure facility exists to hold metaterrestials and those individuals Section 13 would like to interrogate. A fail-safe mechanism is built into the bay.
  • The Hub - Agent Smith's office sits above a group of high-performance arcanotech and skilled technicians - from here a V-link ensures he remains in contact with S13 teams and can provide intelligence to teams in the field.
  • Medical Bay - the medical bay is set up to deal with most triage duties and surgical duties although space is limited.
  • Team offices - each Section 13 team have a briefing room and desk areas off the Hub. These offices are basic, and somewhat damp and cold: most agents prefer to be out in the field.