Terrible vision

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You are standing on alien, rust red rocky ground, pillars of irregular living stone tower above you jutting out at strange angles and dimensions. The barren landscape is vast and stretches out as far as the eye can see. Suddenly the ground begins to shake and you are thrown from your feet, a great fissure cracks across the ground. Within seconds it is tens of miles across, it must be the end of the world; an enormous earthquake is literally tearing the ground apart. Suddenly you shoot up into the air away from what you previously thought was the surface propelled by some irresistible force, it is too much for you to withstand and you pass out from the pressure. You awake to find yourself floating hundreds of miles above a vast red celestial body, its surface cracked cratered and entirely alien. You look around and are aware of the incredible speed you must be traveling at, galaxies and globular clusters of stars hurtle by all around you none of which are familiar. As you gaze at the red planet you see just how immense it must be, it hangs ponderously, communicating a thunderous sense of imminence, of power. Then it moves, the surface of the planet begins to peel back, your mind is racing, a planet can’t peel back! A continent size section of the planet is rolling back like a giant eyelid to reveal something pale and glistening underneath, you sense the planet searching the galaxy, you can feel the immense power of this great celestial body pulling and warping the universe around it as it passes in the dark, disrupting the natural order of things.